Sales Calls - Not Just For Selling!

Joshua Feinberg

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Sales calls can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. As a new computer business owner it is easy to get caught up in the sales aspect of the sales call. What you need to remember is that during the sales call you are also gathering important information.

Before you go on the sales call you should have gathered a bunch of information about the business itself. Information to gather before the sales call includes things like the number of computer users, number of computer systems, software applications, type of operating system, and the type of computer problems they are having. The answers to these types of questions are key for you to know when you walk in the door for the sales call.

When you are on the sales call there are some tips you should follow to get the most out of your time:

Listen more than you talk - remember, the sales call should be about them, not you. It’s their chance to talk, it's their chance to vent; the more they talk the more likely it is that they will reveal the key piece of information you need to close the sale.

Take detailed notes - don't rely on your memory. You are not a hard drive and you are not a recorder. When you're on the sales call don't be afraid to have a pad out and take detailed notes.

Analyze them to determine if you want them as a client - not all sales calls lead to business and there is some business you don't want. Unrealistic expectations, nasty personalities, and no clue what they want are three huge issues to watch out for on sales calls.

Determine their urgency - use the sales call to find out how long the problem has been going on, what effect it has had on their business, what their points of pain are, and what their single biggest problem is right now.

Last, but not least, find out who supports their system currently - this is a very, very important question to have answered on a sales call. Who supported their system in the past and the type of support they received will help you determine whether they will be a good client for you.

Bottom Line on Sales Calls

Sales calls are not just about selling. You need to silently gather information about the client during the sales call and decide whether or not this is a business you want to add to your client list. Use your sales call time wisely and bring on only the best clients that will endure for the long term.

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