Turning Lots of Lost Sales Prospects into Lots of Sold Clients - Recapture LOST Prospects

Alan Boyer

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The world “NO" Is Determining Your PERCEPTION-a Lost Client IS ONLY a PERCEPTION

When someone says, NO I don’t want to buy from you do you walk off with your tail between your legs? Are you just moving on to the next prospect and you chalk that one up to the percentage that you EXPECT to lose? I’m not talking about dealing with an objection. I’m talking about a prospect that you PERCEIVE you have already lost. For the most part, your PERCEPTION is your reality. A reality, that in this case could probably be turned around. It stays a reality only as long as it stays in your perception.

This is a GREAT opportunity to get more sales, and, it's easier than trying for the next prospect that doesn't know you.

The question should be, “How can you turn more of these around?” A question that could double or triple your sales results. I frequently hear, “but they are already lost. ” That’s your PERCEPTION. This is an opportunity to go back and get a large percentage of those.

Knowing the Measurable REsults Your Client Wants and Did he Get It-Your Tool to Recovering Most “Perceived Lost" Prospects Here’s an approach that works for me and a lot of my sales training students.

I assume that during your conversation with the prospect you asked what kind of measurable results they expect to get from whatever it is you would deliver, and WHEN they EXPECT to see the results. If you haven’t you missed an opportunity in your sales process, and might be one of the reasons you lost it. However, if you didn’t ask before, ask before you leave. What we are going to do next is to follow up with the prospect around the time he should have gotten results. Say something like, “Just following up. You had mentioned that you wanted to achieve [whatever the MEASURABLE results were] by now. How’s it going?”

Be careful here. We’re not trying to challenge the decision maker to prove he was wrong. We’re just returning to make sure that he really got what he wanted and move him along to getting it.

I’ve found, over and over, that:

  1. The prospect may not have made a decision to go with anyone-Opportunity.
  2. May have bought from my competitor, or may have just done a test with my competitor. The bottom line was that he isn’t happy with the results-Opportunity.
  3. If he bought, and isn’t unhappy with the results (he may say happy, or some other way of saying he isn’t Unhappy, careful with the words here, this is important), then ask him if he got THE MEASURABLE results that you and he had agreed upon. Frequently, the competitor may have improved the situation, but still hadn’t delivered what you and your prospect had determined would happen with your products and services. Don’t put down the competition. Your prospect isn’t Unhappy with it, but you just might take him 10 times further and he’d be delighted. It’s important to compare the measurable results delivered by the competitor to the measurable results you had determined for the prospect. (Don’t challenge the decision maker to feel that he made a poor decision. Help him to realize that you will take him further, and now he has seen the results from the competition in comparison to what measurable results you have done for others. )—An Opportunity
  4. If he is extremely happy—congratulate him, and learn who really your competition is. Learn what the competition did. You may have just put another tool in your toolbox—an Opportunity. You’ve also kept the door open with this customer for the future. —an Opportunity. You’ve proved you are there to help him, not sell.
You’ve turned your lost prospects into major opportunities. Follow-Up - Follow-Up - Follow-Up Whenever you leave a prospect that you perceive that you have lost, put him in the “follow-up by [what date]” file and make sure you do it. MULTIPLY Your Sales Results With Follow-up Let’s look at what this might do for you. Some of my sales training students, at least at the beginning, tell me they are closing anywhere from 1 in 10 to 4-5 in 10. This is just one of the many opportunities to multiply sales results. If they are closing 1 in 10, they are leaving 9, or 90% on the table. That’s a lot of opportunity when using this method.

You’ll find that it is possible to increase your sales closes by several times, multiples of where you are. However, let’s look at the low end of this. If someone who closes 1 in 10 could close just 1 more, they just doubled their sales success ratio, going from 1 close a week to 2. Actually this can work far better than that. I’ve seen people recover 40-50% of those they thought they lost. My point is that the opportunities here can multiply your sales results by several times.

Perception Is Reality Only If You Don't Follow-up If we continue to PERCEIVE they are lost and don't follow up, of course they ARE Lost. That's what's been happening to you, right?

The Impact of Your Perception How many a week do you leave setting on the table?

What is the potential for you if you could capture just one or two out of those perceived as lost?

Get the help you need to multiply your business results, your sales, your marketing within weeks.

Alan is a Small Business Coach who's goal is to at least double a business in the first few weeks, and frequently has multiplied them up to 10 times while working with them, and most continue to multiply after working with him. He says he wants to pass along what he does to the business owner so that the business owner can do it over and over and over. Alan Boyer, is a  Small Business Coach and providing Sales Training that multiplies your business quickly. Guaranteed.

Alan Boyer -Helping People and Companies Worldwide Reach Further Than They EVER Thought Possible. . . . FASTER



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