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Alot of companies will look for potential employees at local job fairs. Not only is it a great way to locate new workers, but it is also a wonderful way to reach out to the community. The hiring managers can conduct a sort of ‘pre-interview’ with many candidates, in a face to face manner. This is an extremely cost effective way to find qualified candidates. It also allows those looking for a job to ask many questions of company representatives to narrow down their possible list. In this regard, job fairs are win-win situations for both sides.

Those hiring will, however, receive many more applications and resumes than they will possibly need. This is a small price to pay in the quest to locate the right person or persons for the job. Most realize that the hiring process is an involved one, usually requiring several interviews. Job fairs help streamline that by pre-screening applicants.

Those people actively looking for jobs should attend these job fairs as well, in part to increase their networking reach. They can have contact with many professionals in their field of employment in just one day. Where else is this possible? And some companies won't even bother to advertise some of their positions. Instead they get a feel for people at these fairs, and may even conduct an interview right on the spot. Just be sure if you are attending a job fair to take many copies of your updated resume with you. It is essential to get your name out there when you are career hunting. You need to show initiative, and you can do this by networking with others at job fairs.

Should you be a professional in attendance, business dress is expected. You need to put your best foot forward and stand above the others there. Remember that you are potentially in competition with them for open positions, so treat this as an actual interview. Don't assume that a job fair is a casual thing, it is a one time shot to make a good impression. This experience can open up new doors in your career. Employers will remember the candidates that they encountered at these job fairs, and you want them to remember you for having made a good impression, not a negative one.

One last thing to keep in mind is that some businesses there may not give you alot of time with them or divulge much information. They may do little more than accept your resume. Don't get discouraged by this. There will be other companies who will interview you on the spot, or be more than willing to answer all your questions not only about their company but also the career in general. When you find these people, ask alot of questions and remain genuinely interested in what they are saying. This goes a long way towards that positive first impression. Not only does it help you to figure out if you're interested in working for them, but it lets those potential employers know that you are interested and the right person for the job.

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