Sales Speaker Says Cold Calling Advice Is Usually Cheap & Wrong


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Show me anybody that ever sold anything by phone, or even came close, and I’ll show you another world expert in cold calling.

That bozo who still couldn’t tie his shoelaces by himself, and he was in the fifth grade; he’s a cold calling guru now because someone taught him to read a script and he followed it, word for word, and got lucky, at least once.

That “motivational speaker" who had the temerity to get on the phone and to tout his own phoning abilities, yes he, too became a wunderkind of the wired and now wireless world.

Talk about someone who had maybe one year of experience and has sold that to other people, since then, year after year!

Yes, the one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind, and most salespeople are clueless about the ins and outs of dialing and smiling.

They’re such ignorati, in fact, that they follow these utterly stupid pieces of advice:

Never cold call, because it is a waste of time.

If you cold call, always ask, “Do you have a minute" or “Are you busy" before going beyond the greeting.

Put as many suspects into your pipeline as possible and follow-up with every one of them.

Always ask a lot of questions because they involve the buyer.

Never leave voice mail messages, because nobody will call back a stranger.

I could go on, because the fictions are innumerable.

So, is there such a thing as a genuine cold calling expert?

There are such people, and we’ll talk about them in the next article.

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