Creativity is a Round Process

Lorraine Ball

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In a world of fast change and fierce competition, the ability to find new and innovative solutions is necessary for your survival. Thinking power and creativity are your primary competitive advantages. Unlocking new ideas, and multiple possibilities begins with a “Round Process".


To produce creative output, you need creative input! Collecting a variety of information, without worrying how it fits, is the foundation of the research phase.

-Explore your environment for new ideas
-Seek inspiration in nature
-Develop abilities and talents, enhance your education
-Analyzing data and historical trends

Squidoo is a Great Starting Point for Research


The second step is the most fun, because in this phase, everything is possible. Bring together team members and peers for a short, but lively session of Originating. This process works well with a diverse group, people with very different skills, personality styles and experience

-Brainstorm and “what-if. "
-Generate many, many ideas
-Use your imagination, think, ponder, daydream


As you review the ideas you have generated, you select a few to explore in greater detail. As you embrace these ideas, you unite related concepts, look for connections and ways to build on the ideas of others.

-Borrow ideas from others
-Invent and innovate
-Make decisions


In the next phase, you refine and improve your ideas. By identifying and eliminating obstacles you nurture the best ideas, giving them the chance to blossom and grow.

-Objectively evaluate an idea
-Reject what doesn't work
-Simplify the over-complicated


Finally you must commit to a course of action. In the Do-It phase you make the decision to go forward, and never give up.

-Market your idea
-Deal with critics
-Survive success
-And Begin Again!

Bring Creative Thinking to Your Organization

A twenty-year veteran of corporate America, Lorraine Ball has a track record of helping organizations achieve exceptional results in a changing environment.

A trained facilitator, she has taught managers in some of the largest companies in the country how to use creativity, positive energy and collaboration as the foundation of their planning process.

Today, she teaches small business owners how to apply those same techniques to stay one step ahead of the competition!


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