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At some point, every small business creates a brochure. but it is often an exercise in futility. Whether you are creating the brochure yourself, or hiring someone to do it for you, be sure to ask the following questions before you get started!

Get to the Point!

How will the brochure be used?

Is it sent as a follow-up to phone inquiries, left behind after a sales call or delivered with a formal proposal?

Are you trying to get more repeat business from customers who already know you? Or is your goal to attract the attention of a new client? Define your objective up front, and then write your copy with that in mind.

Good creative begins with a plan . . . .

How will you grab your reader's attention?

One of the most common mistakes companies make is leading with their name. If you haven't caught the reader's attention by speaking to their needs, problems or desires, they won't care about your name.

Consider starting with a provocative question or declaration; an appeal to the emotions, needs and wants of your customer; or a benefit-laden statement.

Learn more about creating powerful headlines

For whom is the brochure created?

This is not a trick question. Your answer should roll off your lips instantly: the client! That seems simple, but many companies make a serious error by focusing on the company instead of the needs of potential customers.

Here's a quick way to check your brochure for the correct focus: Circle every “you" with a red pen and circle every “we" or “I" or mention of your company's name with a blue pen. There should be a lot more red than blue on your brochure. If not, it is time to revise, revise, revise

Discover money saving production tips

Free Feedback

Interested in a second opinion? Send me a coy of your brochure and I will give you a few tips on how it can be change or improved.

Send your brochure via fax to 317-879-0876 or via email to

A twenty-year veteran of corporate America, Lorraine is an accomplished marketing professional, who has won regional and national communication awards. She is a certified teacher, facilitator and college instructor. Lorraine Ball is a frequent guest panelist featured on “Sound Advice, " the popular online audio program from What's Working in Biz.

Her articles on marketing, team building, and business development have been featured in Contracting Business, The New York Forum and The ACH&R News. In addition, her books: “The Entrepreneur's Notebook" and “The Confessions of a Networking Junkie" are quickly becoming “MUST READS" for new business owners.

Today, her company, Roundpeg helps small business owners discover the secrets to big company marketing!


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