Mortgage Broker Marketing - Refining with Permission

Jeffrey Nelson

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Are you a mortgage broker marketing to Realtors? How many times have made a call to a Realtor and found them incredibly annoyed because you’d interrupted their day? Did they read you the riot act or tell you how much they enjoy working with your competition? One of the most challenging aspects of mortgage broker marketing is getting the Realtor’s attention.

It’s frustrating to be given the cold shoulder, especially when you know that more often than not the Realtor spends a significant amount of time socializing with others in the office. You know that it’s not the agent’s time alone that is the problem.

Why spend any more time marketing to Realtors that aren’t interested in working with you? When you use permission marketing, your mortgage broker marketing efforts are far more productive.

In essence, permission marketing means acquiring permission to pursue relationships with Realtors. Like most relationships, you don’t automatically create a friendship or connection. Instead, you seek out permission to move to a new level in the relationship, with each level creating a stronger bond.

Through your mortgage broker marketing, you’ll take a series of steps. Each step is taken with the intention of gaining permission to take a relationship to that new level.

Here’s an example of acquiring permission. Each marketing piece is an opportunity to get the prospect to grant permission; permission to move the relationship deeper.

Let’s say you create a marketing mailer. Your goal with this mailer is a simple, yet small step. The mailer should be designed to get the agent to call, email or request information from you, such as a free special report, CD, or video. Their action of requesting information can also be considered as being granted permission.

Next, the goal of the special report or CD isn’t a sales presentation, instead it’s an opportunity to gain another level of permission. The report or CD should convince the Realtor to meet with you. This time, you are seeking permission for a personal meeting.

Again, your goal with each stage is to gain permission for increased contact with the prospect, and to gauge their interest. With each level, your relationship deepens until you create a lifetime relationship with the prospect.

Permission Marketing Means Providing Benefits

With each contact, you seek permission to continue to market to the prospect. But those contacts can’t be mere information exchange. Each contact has to provide a benefit to the prospect and be relevant to the prospect.

Your goal is to establish yourself as a resource and a partner to the Realtor. The more you provide this foundation, the more the Realtor pays attention to your marketing.

Permission Marketing Means Providing Bite Size Pieces

With mortgage broker marketing using the permission process, you extend information gradually to your prospect. Imagine being stuck on a plane with someone who immediately gives you their entire life story. How frustrated are you by the end of the flight? Do you want to continue to stay in contact with this individual? Probably not.

But you are far more likely to be intrigued with a relaxed give and take. You can use this concept with your permission marketing plan. You develop your materials in a step by step process that gradually shares information.

With frequency, your prospect develops a level of familiarity and trust with you. At that stage, your relationship can develop into a productive lifetime relationship.

Your mortgage broker marketing plans don’t have to rely on the whims of your prospect. Develop your plans to gradually get additional permission from the prospect, and you’ll eventually have a big pay off.

Jeff Nelson helps loan officers increase loan originations by attracting quality relationships with real estate agents from the development of customized relationship-building strategies.

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