Make Your Mark: 3 Steps to Turn the Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Liz Pabon

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I get asked this question all the time, “how can I stand out when there are so many other people doing what I do?”

Consider the entertainment industry. It’s safe to say the competition in the field of entertainment is incredibly stiff. Standing out, amongst other things, is essential to an entertainer’s success. When you think about some of the most powerful celebrity names like Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Madonna you realize that their attraction power is directly linked to their unique flair for doing what they do.

Yet, each of the powerful women I’ve just mentioned have their own distinct place in the world of celebrity thanks to their personal brand. The same distinction can happen for YOU in your industry.

Your personal brand is already living inside of you just waiting to be uncovered. It’s the one unique marketing message you can communicate right away that your competitors can’t copy.

Just as we each have our own distinct footprint we also have our own unique brand – unlike any other.

No matter how saturated your market, how limited your budget, you can always find a way to make your unique brand mark daily.

Here are three simple ways you can stand out TODAY:


Did you know that you could make a distinct brand imprint in a short voicemail message? In his book “Purple Cow” Seth Godin talks about making even the ordinary, like a voicemail greeting, extraordinary. Use your voicemail greeting to genuinely express your brand. When recording my “brand headquarters” greeting I started to chuckle and because its so fitting for my brand, I did not edit out the chuckle.

Email Signature:

We get many opportunities each day to express our brand. How many emails do you send in a week? If you’re like most business pros, LOTS! Instead of the standard: name, phone, email, web address signature line, why not create a short ad at the end of your email touting what makes you unique? My love of shoes, which is in my email signature, led a local journalist to interview me and voila I was featured in a newspaper column.

How do you say “thank you”:

I don’t know about you, but in my book you can never thank people too often. Who doesn’t want to feel appreciated? The way you thank your colleagues, alliances, and clients say’s loads about your brand and is a part of your overall brand experience.

In this day of electronic communication, it’s easy to send off a quick thank you email (that’s better than no thanks at all) but what about making that thank you more meaningful by being creative as it relates to your brand. One client I know loves calligraphy and its one of her favorite hobbies. She takes those few extra moments to personally hand-write her thanks and does so using her calligraphy tools. It makes an ordinary note card that much more special and speaks to one of her personal passions. How are you saying thanks?

Each and every day you have the opportunity to stand out uniquely no matter your market or market conditions. Take a moment to look at all of the ways that someone can experience your brand. I’ve shared three in today’s article but there are many other ways to express your brand to the outside world and make your memorable mark.

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