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Kurt Mortensen

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Evidence is an extremely effective tool in persuading an audience. Often a prospect needs just a little bit of help in order to be tipped over the edge. Facts register in the human brain as unbiased truth. A fact is rarely questioned and unconsciously accepted. The use of evidence works best when it is suited to the audience and their experience.

Consider the following presentation points:

1. Referring to evidence as fact increases its weight

2. Evidence that is verifiable will always be more persuasive.

3. Evidence that is specific will always be more persuasive.

4. Unbiased testimony is more persuasive than a biased one.

5. Personal experience is more persuasive than not having any personal experience.

6. Presenters who have not yet established their credibility will benefit more from the use of evidence than those with established credibility

7. Evidence is especially important when the audience is unfamiliar with the topic.

8. Factual evidence is particularly persuasive when the audience consists of highly intelligent people.

9. Evidence is more persuasive when you provide not only the source, but also his/her qualifications.

10. Evidence is more persuasive when you confirm an audience's beliefs.

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