Competition & Side Effects: Live Reported From the Stock Exchange: GOOG ($415,59) - YHOO ($40,91)


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Great isn’t it! Competition is everywhere. Tennis, soccer, football, the Olympic Games. It is the gold medal that counts.

In search-engine country the competition is also fierce. Who will win? Will there be only winners and losers? And can you compare the companies mentioned in the title? Are they focused enough to compete? Are they running at the same track?

Companies compete on different elements. Airbus is taking space or volume as a target, Boeing’s answer to the challenge is velocity: “we can go faster".

And – this is where the article is about – what is your internal organization doing in this area? Do people and departments compete up to any level? And how is it with the cooperation between the various teams. Does your company value the individual hero with “the employee of the month" or do they choose for a less visible team approach giving away a team bonus.

There are many ways you can organize activities. We are all familiar with competition, yet there is one problem with it (a small side effect to all the good things it also brings).

Imagine that your company is opening up for others. Do not ask me why they all of a sudden want this, but it is like a trend. You should connect. And then you are talking about this system, this method, our approach and theirs. There is no fit. And we all know where the problem is: At the interface level. It is their protocol against ours. We communicate, but the message doesn’t get acknowledged.

So what to do? Stay small and beautiful? But small is not an option in competition. It is bigger, faster, easier - everything but smaller.

So how to solve the side effects?

Please continue reading this some other moment in time and find out how the status between both companies is at that time. Who will be leading?

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