Plastic Corrugated Returnable Packaging: Simple Packaging Product Helps Save Your Company Money

David Marinac

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Most manufacturing professionals have read them at some point or another: those articles in business magazines relating the stories of how executives at big companies help saved their company millions by making strategic changes here and there. And if you are like most professionals, you have probably wondered how you could translate those seemingly too-good-to-be-true stories into something that could truly impact your business.

There are plenty of opportunities out there that could help save your company money. The trouble is learning how to recognize those opportunities when they present themselves. For example, most manufacturers spend the majority of their time developing and creating new products, so cost-saving ideas in behind-the-scenes areas, like packaging, are often overlooked.

However, in recent years the packaging industry has made great technological advances, and today there are products available that are specifically designed to save manufacturers significant resources. One such product is plastic corrugated, a durable material designed to replace the conventional paper, or cardboard, corrugated products which once dominated the packaging industry. Corrugated plastic is formed when two plastic liners are fused together on either side of a sheet of wavy plastic known as fluting. Together, these three layers create a weather- and chemical-resistant material whose properties offer a much more economically-friendly alternative to traditional packaging methods.

Plastic corrugated is significantly stronger than its predecessors, which are usually constructed of cardboard. It can be reused over and over again, and this increased life span means you can avoid the added expenses that come with having to replace containers on a habitual basis. And replacing fewer containers also means disposing of fewer containers, resulting in a significant reduction in waste disposal costs!

Corrugated plastic is also lighter in weight than cardboard, and this weight reduction translates into cost savings when it comes to the delivery of the product. This lighter weight also makes it easier for employees to lift and move the containers, which can lead to fewer workplace injuries and less time lost. In addition, most plastic corrugated containers are either collapsible or stackable, so when you are not using them, they only take up a small amount of storage space in your warehouse.

The market is extremely lean for manufacturers these days, and in order to survive, many manufacturers have had to find ways to make significant cost reductions. In situations such as these, many businesses often find themselves making cuts where they really should not. But with plastic corrugated, manufacturers can not only increase their productivity and guarantee the safer shipment of their product, but they can do so and still realize a major cost savings! Is that an oxymoron? Saving money in the twenty-first century without going out of business? It may not seem so, but take a look at plastic corrugated – it may just change your mind.

David Marinac
American Built Containment Systems (ABC Systems ) is the only company that custom designs specialty packaging via the Internet without having to meet with a customer face-to-face. This allows them to respond faster than any other company at the total lowest cost.


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