Great Ways To Help Secure The Loyalty Of Your Employees Through Reward Schemes

Hyacinth Fraser

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1. Allow staff to design their own recognition award scheme.

2. Praise them verbally in private.

3. Praise them verbally in front of the staff team.

4. Provide written praise in the company newsletter.

5. Run company competitions and offer a prize for the winner.

6. Organise team lunches and pay for it from the team budget.

7. Offer to undertake a particular aspect of a colleagues work for a day.

8. For a set time period offer `difficult to access’ parking facilities.

9. Provide staff with their own office for a week.

10. Provide gift vouchers for a job well done.

11. Staff who exceed their targets offer them a choice of reward.

12. As well as advising the individual member of staff and their staff team about successes, send a memo to senior management advising how well the member of staff has done.

13. Have an employee of the month award.

14. Name an award after an outstanding employee.

15. Put plaques up for high achievers.

16. Have the outstanding employee photographed with the senior manager and have that photograph displayed in a prominent position.

17. Offer to buy lunch for the employee for a month.

18. Offer surprise payments for those employees `acting up’ in positions outside of their usual roles.

19. Arrange an all expenses paid lunch with a senior manager.

20. Organise a fun activity team day out.

21. Buy cakes or something else as appropriate for staff to indulge in.

22. Create an employee of the month badge/pin.

23. Provide tickets to a popular event.

24. Buy a bottle of champagne or non-alcoholic equivalent.

25. Offer to contribute to the employees’ favourite charity.

26. Offer to pay for the employee to have a day out with their family.

27. Offer an all expenses paid `pampering’ day.

28. Offer `X’ number of days to work from home.

29. Upgrade company car.

30. Offer a company car for a staff member who does not have one.

31. Offer a cash prize.

32. Heading up a prestigious project.

33. Increase in budget.

34. Employee to have a choice of prestigious cars to choose from to drive for a couple of weeks.

35. A work exchange with someone in a different country.

36. Help staff to feel important by inviting them to your home as a special celebration for a job well done.

37. Upgrade the member of staff’s office furniture.

38. Nominate staff for formal company award schemes.

39. Nominate staff for industry award schemes.

40. Tell at least five people in the company about how well that member of staff or team has performed.

41. Write in a trade journal about your team’s achievements.

42. Praise the team/individual over the company public address system.

43. Keep a note of birthdays and send a birthday card.

44. Award a certificate for a family photo session.

45. Offer a clothing allowance gift certificate.

46. Buy a beautiful pen set and have a special message inscribed.

47. Hold a surprise party.

48. Have a senior manager give a `pep’ talk at the beginning of a significant project and so encouraging all concerned.

49. Enable staff member to choose their next major work assignment

50. Add your own ideas to this list.

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