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Articles or Book Reviews about or concerning published works relating to women.
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Top Canadian Magazines For Women

 Emily Lange (July 11, 2012)  Canadian women have a terrific selection of magazines available to them. They can enjoy reading magazines on the topic of fashion, beauty, celebrities, cooking, parenting, fitness, gardening and travel. Although most women spend time reading articles posted online, many people still enjoy browsing through their favorite monthly magazines. Although around 75% of Canadian magazines are .. (Womens)

Help to Make Your Relationship Last Forever

 David Amerland (January 05, 2009)  There are very few of us who can honestly say we could not use a little help with our relationship. Whether we are just starting out, have hit a rocky patch or are happy and want to know what we can do to hold onto that happiness we can all use some expert advice and an awareness of what we should (or could) do. In the admittedly ambitiously titled Ultimate Guide to the Perfect .. (Womens)

The Amazing Acai Berry and Its Healing Power

 Sherman Choo (December 06, 2008)  Your body has two ways a cell can die, the good way and the bad way. The good way is known as Apoptosis and the bad way is known as Necrosis. Apoptosis is the process where an aging and dying cell will alert a white cell to destroy it in its entirety, leaving behind no fragments that can damage your other healthy cells. Necrosis is the process where a dying cell destroys itself without . (Womens)

Book Review - Remember Who You Are - Seven Stages on a Woman's Journey of Spirit

 Lisa Erickson (December 03, 2008)  Linda Carroll's Remember Who You Are is a spiritual rather than religious book for women. It is subtitled ‘Seven Stages on a Woman's Journey of Spirit', and as this suggests, the book focuses on the stages of the spiritual process, apart from any particular religion. The seven stages Ms. Carroll identifies are Forgetting, Remembering, Exploring, Practicing, Shadows on the Path, .. (Womens)

Book Review - Your Truest Self - Embracing the Woman You Are Meant to Be

 Lisa Erickson (December 03, 2008)  Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman You Are Meant to Be, by Janice Lynne Lundy, is a lovely new women's spirituality book highlighting twelve diverse contemporary women spiritual teachers and authors. Ms. Lundy is herself an Interfaith Spiritual Director and the longtime Lifestyle writer for Women's Lifestyle magazine. She has authored three previous books, including Coming Home to .. (Womens)

Famed Female Authors - The Attraction of Books

 Paul Mcindoe (October 31, 2008)  As a consequence of the internet, many people had mistakenly believed that the traditional book market in the UK would suffer. However this hasn't been the case and in 2007 the UK consumer book market alone was worth £2,578 million, up 4% on the 2006 figures. Books have been around for many years, but what is it about books that continually attract readers, despite an ever-growing .. (Womens)

Unweaving the Thread of an Irish Childhood

 Kay Green (October 06, 2008)  I first met Monica Tracey at a poetry reading at Hastings Writers’ Group and, thoroughly enjoying the soft musicality of her Irish voice, I had the cheek to ask her to read my effort out for me. It paid off - never has one of my amateur attempts at poetry sounded so full of magic - the voice of a good story teller can cover a multitude of sins. Unlike me, Monica Tracey commits no . (Womens)

Catch Him and Keep Him by Christian Carter Review

 Brad Donelson (September 25, 2008)  This article will answer your question why you should get this book. . . If you just met a guy and it seems like he isn't on the same level for commitment as you. . . If you made love to a guy early in the relationship and then he vanished in the night. . . If you dating a super guy for a while and when you tried to talk to him about going up the next level in your relationship. . . .. (Womens)

Flat to Fab Reviewed

 Annita Brixen (August 27, 2008)  Are you tired of having to put on a padded bra every time you leave the house? Is your self-esteem lacking because you have a small chest? Would you do just about anything to enhance your breast size but you know that surgery is not possible now nor anytime in the future? Would you try a program that promises to naturally enhance your breast without the risky surgery? The Flat To Fab .. (Womens)

Women Who Are Happy at Work - Are You One of Them?

 Ali Frederick (August 16, 2008)  As I watch the summer 2008 Olympics, I wonder why in the world I never considered beach volley ball to be a career option for me. I watch those women and wonder if they fret on Sunday afternoon, dreading the return to work on Monday morning and I doubt it. Why was I so narrow in my thinking when I chose my careers? Why did I think that disliking the job was part of my penance which .. (Womens)

Escaping an Abusive Relationship

 Yvonne Perry (August 15, 2008)  Dottie Randazzo packs another powerful punch in How to Escape an Abusive Relationship. All of her books are short and to the point, and only have a few sentences in large print on each page, but she gets her message across in a way that impacts the reader to take action. How to Escape an Abusive Relationship spoke to me so profoundly that I felt goose bumps all over while reading it. .. (Womens)

Creating Confidence

 Dorothy Lafrinere (July 31, 2008)  About the Author: Meribeth Dayme resides in the United Kingdom. She is a well known author of self-help and personal power books. Meribeth, a former University professor of singing and anatomy is also the Director of Free Chocolate Cake Ltd. Through her words she proves to be a very creative thinker with an amazing ability to express and teach to others about their own personal power, .. (Womens)

On Becoming Fearless In Love, Work, and Life

 Dorothy Lafrinere (July 31, 2008)  About the Author: Arianna Huffington, is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, a nationally syndicated columnist, and author of eleven books. She is also co-host of “Left, Right & Center, " public radio's popular political round table program. In May 2005, she launched The Huffington Post, a news and blog site that has quickly become one of the most .. (Womens)

Eat, Drink And Be Gorgeous

 Dorothy Lafrinere (July 31, 2008)  About the Author: Esther Blum is a Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist practicing in New York City. In her years of practice, Esther has helped show countless women how to put the fun back in eating, be a tigress in bed, eat and drink like a food fashionista, choose the right vitamins, feel up instead of feeling down, and realize that life is too short to be on a diet the .. (Womens)

Hats and Eyeglasses A Family Love Affair With Gambling

 Dorothy Lafrinere (July 28, 2008)  ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Martha's work has appeared in magazines as diverse as the original DETAILS, The New Yorker, Fashions of the New York Times, Japanese and German Men's Vogue, The Goodguys Gazette, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Movieline's Hollywood Life. She has been an on-air contributor to VH1's Sexiest Movie Moments, Entertainment Tonight, and Inside Edition. For the past fifteen years . (Womens)

Catch Him and Keep Him

 Dorothy Lafrinere (July 28, 2008)  About the Author: Christian Carter; Here is a little something from the author: “When I first put “Catch Him And Keep Him" out there for women to read, I was honestly nervous. The information in this eBook will save you years of time, missed love opportunities and wasted energy. Most women go through their entire lives never learning how to get what they truly want from .. (Womens)

You Don't Want To Miss Reading This Proverbial Wake-Up Call!

 Cheryl Ellis (April 22, 2008)  Genre: Personal Growth Title: The Woman's Field Guide to Exceptional Living Author: Corrie Woods You will learn how to recognize the special moments, otherwise missed, to be tucked away but remembered as milestones. Uncover the magnitude of gratitude, a heartfelt emotion of thankfulness and appreciation but most importantly a reminder that you choose that state of being. Are you aware .. (Womens)

Pregnancy Without Pounds Review & Free Mini Course

 John Hale (April 13, 2008)  Pregnancy Without Pounds Part 1 Pregnancy Without Pounds is an e-book written by Michelle Moss. The main promises behind Pregnancy Without Pounds is a way of looking and feeling great during pregnancy. It promises to show how to lose your pregnancy weight without stretch marks, nausea, and fatigue. It also promises to show you how to get fit to deliver so you can have an easy labor. .. (Womens)

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