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Articles or Book Reviews about or concerning published works relating to Professional Athletes, Sports History, Sports Commentary and anything relating to Sports.
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Coaching Girls' Soccer

 Jerry Quarry (December 20, 2008)  Do you want to build a winning girls’ soccer program, on the field and off? In Coaching Girls’ Soccer Successfully, one of the nation's top high school coaches, Debra LaPrath, shares her expertise on all aspects of coaching-player development, leadership, conditioning, teamwork and much more. From establishing a coaching philosophy to making decisions during a game, this is .. (Sports Literature)

Basketball Coaching - Rick Pitino - Rebound Rules - Basketball Coaching Book Review

 Scott Peterman (December 15, 2008)  Rick Pitino had the rest of his career already planned after accepting the biggest coaching contract in NBA history with the Boston Celtics in 1997. It was a failure and he talks about it in second motivational book “Rebound Rules" by Rick Pitino and Pat Forde. He says that it forced him to rethink about his entire career plan and his ten year, fifty million dollar contract. He .. (Sports Literature)

Review of Secrets of Skateboarding Book by Tony Waters

 Deji Peng (December 13, 2008)  If you have ever tried to learn any new skateboard trick you would know how frustrating it can sometimes be especially if you do not know any skateboarding trick or you have a hard time learning the ones you know. Secrets of skateboarding is a book by Tony waters where he promises to show you his secrets to learning almost every single skateboarding trick. There are plenty things to .. (Sports Literature)

Book Review - Walking to Extremes by Howard McCord

 Ronald Standerfer (December 03, 2008)  One Man's Journey Through Magical Places “Walking to Extremes" is one of those rare books that defies categorization. It is a magical book, for sure; one fashioned from a rich fabric that seems to be skillfully woven by a consortium of poets, raconteurs, philosophers, naturalists, outdoorsmen, and hikers; and so it is, except that the consortium exists only in the mind of one man; . (Sports Literature)

Hatchet Kick - Volume 8 of the Achieving Kicking Excellence Series by Shawn Kovacich

 Alain Burrese (October 28, 2008)  What exactly is a hatchet kick? It is not as well known as your common side kicks and popular roundhouse kicks. Nor is it as self-descriptive as a front kick. So how do you describe it? Guinness World Record holder, black belt, and author Shawn Kovacich describes the hatchet kick like this, “A properly executed hatchet kick performed by a man (or woman), can be compared to a .. (Sports Literature)

Pressure is a Privilege - New Book by Billie Jean King

 Marv Huss (October 07, 2008)  Billie Jean King's new book PRESSURE IS A PRIVILEGE - Lessons I've learned from life and the Battle of the Sexes released in August of 2008 is a must read for any aspiring junior tennis player and, most certainly, a must read by their parents. How to handle opponents. How to adjust to the current situation during a match. How to always give 100% on the court. Most importantly, how to .. (Sports Literature)

Pressure is a Privilege - New Book Release by Billie Jean King

 Marv Huss (October 07, 2008)  Lessons I've learned from Life and the Battle of the Sexes is a remarkable book in as much as Billie Jean King reveals never before discussed, behind the scenes thoughts, events, preparations and the enormous pressures she endured to represent her gender in the legendary 1973 Battle of the Sexes against Bobby Riggs that changed the world. Barack Obama's debate with John McCain in .. (Sports Literature)

Can Simple Golf Swing Really Improve Your Golf Score?

 Adam Scotty (October 06, 2008)  "The Simple Golf Swing" is a step-by-step golf instruction ebook written by David Nevogt, for average golfers who are having problems with improving their golf score but cannot quite figure out how, perhaps it's time to think about consistency. The lack of consistency in your golf swing which can in turn lead to other problems such as short distance, slicing, hook and lots more. All of . (Sports Literature)

Football CashBuilder

 Mart Turku (October 01, 2008)  The Football CashBuilder is not just another scam which comes up with the promise to earn you millions of pounds within one or two days. This is an authentic venture that has yielded good profit for the founder since three years now. There are many people who have suffered badly while dealing with the bookmakers as most of them rip off huge money and give the unavoidable excuse of odds. . (Sports Literature)

The Martial Way and Its Virtues - Tao De Gung - A Review

 Alain Burrese (September 16, 2008)  "The Martial Way and its Virtues - Tao De Gung" by F. J. Chu was an enjoyable read that made me think of my own martial art journey. I agree with William R. Connors’ foreword in that rather than a technique book, this book uses martial arts as a core to provide an insight into martial arts as well as a blueprint for a way to begin the journey of achieving mastery of one's body, .. (Sports Literature)

Football Books For Women - A Bad News-Good News Kind of Thing

 Bob Brooker (August 24, 2008)  Football books for women seem to fall into a unique category in our culture. Recently, although beyond the blush of youth, we went back to college to get our degrees. In a huge library full of books, there were, indeed, books about women's issues. And rightly so. But we found no Math Books for Women. Or Geology Books for Women. Or Chemistry Books for Women. It seems that French and .. (Sports Literature)

Book Review Crescent Kick

 Alain Burrese (August 22, 2008)  Crescent Kick is the fourth book of the Achieving Kicking Excellence series by Shawn Kovacich. Just as he did with the other volumes of the series, Kovacich attacked the instruction of the crescent kick with meticulous detail and thoroughness. This book is the most detailed written description you will find on executing the crescent kick, and should be included in any martial artist's .. (Sports Literature)

Cheap Shots, Ambushes and Other Lessons Book Review

 Alain Burrese (August 07, 2008)  I first read Cheap Shots, Ambushes, And Other Lessons: A Down And Dirty Book On Streetfighting & Survival while stationed in South Korea in the 1980s. I was serving with the 2nd Infantry Division and did not know that in the future I would become friends with Marc MacYoung, work together, train together, and teach at the same events. I did not know he would write the foreword for my . (Sports Literature)

The Brutal Art of Ripping, Poking and Pressing Vital Targets - Book Review

 Alain Burrese (August 06, 2008)  The Brutal Art of Ripping, Poking, and Pressing Vital Targets" by Loren W. Christensen is a book full of what some people would call dirty fighting techniques. But as Christensen points out, all fighting is dirty. This is not sport, it's fighting. In the ugliness that is a street fight, techniques to the eyes, throat, ears, groin, nerve points, and other acutely vulnerable targets are .. (Sports Literature)

The Jeet Kune Do Experience

 Alain Burrese (July 30, 2008)  The “Jeet Kune Do Experience: Understanding Bruce Lee's Ultimate Martial Art" by Jerry Beasley (Paladin Press) incorporates material from Beasley's “In Search of the Ultimate Martial Art" and “The Way of No Way. " It addresses the subject of training in the system of jeet kune do (JKD). The book is not about Bruce Lee, but rather the art that he created. In this book, . (Sports Literature)

The Fighters Guide to Hard Core Heavy Bag Training

 Alain Burrese (July 15, 2008)  One of the most memorable scenes in the 1976 Oscar winning movie for Best Picture, “Rocky, " involves Sylvester Stallone pummeling slabs of beef hung in the meat locker where his future brother-in-law Paulie worked. Rocky knew what everyone in the fight game knows, in order to hit hard, you must train to hit hard, and the best tool for this training is the heavy bag. Regardless .. (Sports Literature)

Top 5 David Beckham Books Reviewed

 Robert Gowan (July 15, 2008)  David Beckham: My Side - The Autobiography David Beckham is one of the world's foremost media icons, his popularity transcending sport and cultural divides. This is his own in-depth account of his career to date, for Manchester United and England, his childhood, family and personal life, and the full story of his transfer to Real Madrid. David Beckham: My Son David Beckham is both a .. (Sports Literature)

Top 5 Selling Manchester City Football Club Books Reviewed

 Mike Yardwood (July 15, 2008)  1. Colin Bell - Reluctant Hero: The Autobiography of a Manchester City and England Legend Most Manchester City supporters regard Colin Bell as their club's best ever player. He graced the midfield during their greatest years as they won all domestic and European honours, and represented England 48 times before a serious knee injury ended his career prematurely when he was just 29. Now, .. (Sports Literature)

The Putting to Win Ebook A Review

 Rylan Tanner (July 13, 2008)  Written by a recent qualifier for the European PGA Tour, this ebook reveals the secrets he learned on the way to the putting improvement that allowed him to qualify. A little pricey, but a very well done book with a lot of helpful advice and pictures. He also offers the most unique bonuses you will ever hope to find. In all there are well over 100 photographs that show exactly what he .. (Sports Literature)

The Top 5 Arsenal Football Club Books

 Mike Yardwood (July 10, 2008)  Arsenal : Extraordinary Images of an Amazing Club This is the first attempt to tell the story of the 121-year-history of the Arsenal Football Club through the greatest and most iconic Arsenal photography ever published. From the earliest days at Woolwich and Plumstead, through the heady highs of Herbert Chapman and George Allison, to the colourful 1980s and the successful Arsene Wenger . (Sports Literature)

All Things Bass Fishing

 Melanie L Williams (July 03, 2008)  All of my life, I've loved to fish. My dad and grandfather started me out very young. I remember sitting in my grandfather's boat dock with a rod and a bucket of minnows. The excitement of catching the little brim was addictive! As I grew older, they moved me up to bass fishing. I loved the days of being on the boat with my two favorite men and casting our lines together. Now that I'm .. (Sports Literature)

Back Kick Achieving Kicking Excellence, Vol 1

 Alain Burrese (June 30, 2008)  There are many martial art books that have chapters on kicking. Often, you will get a page or two of pictures and descriptions regarding the basic kicks. How many books have you seen that focus exclusively on one kick? That's right, an entire book focusing on one kick. Back Kick, the first book in the Achieving Kicking Excellence series, by Shawn Kovacich does much more than briefly .. (Sports Literature)

The Target Putting Ebook A Review

 Rylan Tanner (June 26, 2008)  I am starting to see a lot of buzz on the internet about Target Putting. I have even seen forum posts that have mentioned it, but the discussions were apparently lead by people who have never read the book and doesn't understand what it really says. Target putting doesn't involve looking at the hole as was apparently thought. That is suggested as a drill by some and has been for a long . (Sports Literature)

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