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Messiah Interviews - Belonging to God by Jerry J Pollock - Book Review


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In the “Messiah Interviews" the author takes us on a spiritual journey through his life as Yoseph. He exposes his imperfections, and shows us how he learned from his lessons. We also learn about the trials that he has been faced with in this life. As Yoseph continues on his journey, he discovers that he has been selected, by heavenly beings, to be interviewed to become the Messiah. He is interviewed by the angels Gabriel and Michael, Methuselah, Chanoch, Seth, Kind David, Moses, Jacob, Abraham and Isaiah. These interviewers question him on his faith and beliefs.

The Heavenly Beings that were questioning Yoseph were also interviewing other more perfect beings for the role of Messiah. Personally, I felt that Yoseph would be more qualified to lead us into the Messianic Age because of his imperfections and lessons that he experienced through his life. The Messianic period is to take us into an age of peace. Yoseph discovers that he is ready for this role. By writing this book, he starts us on this journey as we learn and yearn to develop a closer relationship with our Creator.

As I read “Messiah Interviews" I learned so much about biblical events and about my own spiritual beliefs. Previously, I had no knowledge about the Shechinah Third Temple, and limited knowledge of the Old Testament. It was also interesting for me to learn more about Jewish beliefs. I feel that my knowledge has greatly increased since reading this book, and I find myself interested in learning more. The author, Jerry J. Pollock is a man of science. It was fascinating to see how he combined his scientific knowledge with his spiritual beliefs. This made him even more credible in my eyes.

As Yospeh was interviewed, he teaches us through his answers. As I was contemplating his responses to some very in-depth questions, I found myself questioning what my own personal responses would be. I found this to be especially true when I read his answers regarding the Ten Commandments. I found the “Messiah Interviews" by Jerry J. Pollock, Ph. D. , to be profoundly thought-provoking and feel that readers who are on their spiritual journey will truly benefit from having read this book.

Shechinah Third Temple, Inc. (2009)
ISBN 9780981721200


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