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Articles or Book Reviews about or concerning published works that can be either fiction or non-fiction and are written as a short story or a book of short stories.
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Magazines, Newsletters and weekly story Novels.

 Ricky Pointing (May 24, 2010)  How many of times have you put down a novel simply because you grew weary of reading or simply because you eyes were tired? I have lots of times. I think most crime novels are too lengthy. I noticed this when I would travel, every time I would buy a novel in an airport book store. Realistic story novels hold a completely distinctive position inside the comic book marketplace now a day. . (Short Stories)

A Burning Decision

 Sarah Throne (January 03, 2009)  What really makes a short story a good one? What must it have for a reader to want to keep reading? Most readers want to read about a character that they feel they can relate to. Readers also want to finish the story feeling as though they were left with a message, a powerful theme. One story that I think truly delivers both of these key assets is Barn Burning by William Faulkner. The .. (Short Stories)

The Destiny of Natalie X by William Boyd

 Philip Spires (October 24, 2008)  An aspect of William Boyd's writing that always seems close to the surface of his work is an examination of selfishness. At the very least, his characters fulfil their self-interest. One recalls how the events of The New Confessions or Any Human Heart unfold, how in both cases the central character's aspirations are forever paramount, often to the detriment of those he proclaims to .. (Short Stories)

The Modern Significance of Hawthorne's Suspicion of Science

 Rick Huffman (August 24, 2008)  Many of Hawthorne's characters are burdened by inner conflicts which are never resolved into a tidy resolution. “The Birthmark", however, has a more clearly defined moral than some of Hawthorne's other work. The social significance of this story that was written over 150 years ago endures into our modern era with alarming clarity. An obsession with physical perfection and the .. (Short Stories)

Poisoned Petals by Andy Crabb

 Philip Spires (August 18, 2008)  Poisoned Petals by Andy Crabb is a set of over forty short stories, tales with a Spanish flavour. Most are set in Spain, with many featuring locations and people from within the Costa Blanca, where the author lives, works and continually observes. Some are historical, others utterly contemporary, both in time and in content. Property developers, estate agents and used car salesmen .. (Short Stories)

Tamil Short Stories

 Rangoo Srinivas (July 20, 2008)  The short story format originated from Europe. The Tamil world believes that the short stories in Tamil can be traced back to the seventeenth century to ‘Paramartha Kurunkathai’ a transition from the classical Tamil poetry. V. V. S. Iyer started a new trend in the 1880s giving the short stories its profound form. Pudumaipithan started the next stage of Tamil short .. (Short Stories)

Kalki The Legendary Tamil Novelist

 Rangoo Srinivas (July 20, 2008)  The mere mention of the name ‘Kalki’ is enough to send most the Tamil readers of yesteryears into a journey of nostalgia. Kalki is a name that sparks off memories of kingdoms and the saga of war, patriotism, love and loyalty that go into the making and perishing of those kingdoms in the Chola dynasty period in South India. Those who have read the novels by Kalki would .. (Short Stories)

Tamil Historic Novels

 Rangoo Srinivas (July 20, 2008)  The novel form of Tamil literature has been in existence only since around two centuries. Before that, the poetry form used to rule the roost for nearly two thousand years. Novel is a relatively new genre in Tamil literature but is very popular among the Tamil novel readers. The novel format was made popular by legendary writers like Kalki Krishnamurthy, Vai. Mu. Kothainayaki, Lakshmi, . (Short Stories)

Book Review The Presidents Parasite and Other Short Stories by Jim Musgrave

 Donna Sundblad (July 14, 2008)  The President's Parasite and Other Short Stories By Jim Musgrave CIC Publishers 304 Pages ISBN: 0977650367 The President's Parasite and Other Short Stories is a rich collection of slice of life vignettes written with a melancholy flavor and a twist of dark humor in an easy-to-read conversational tone. Each story deserves a review of its own, but for this review I'll mention a couple of .. (Short Stories)

Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour An Introduction (1963) J D Salinger

 Iain Stott (July 11, 2008)  Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters (1955) and Seymour: An Introduction (1959), are a pair of long short stories written by Salinger about the Glass family. The former ostensibly about Buddy Glass, and the latter about Seymour Glass, but quite often it appears that the opposite is true. Although, really, both stories are about the relationship between the two brothers, Buddy and .. (Short Stories)

No One Belongs Here More Than You (2007) Miranda July

 Iain Stott (July 07, 2008)  Miranda July is one of those annoying people who seems to be able to turn their hand to just about anything. Artist, musician, filmmaker, actress, writer, all around smarty-pants; and on top of all that, with those piercing blue eyes and slender figure, she's also quite beautiful. Those that wish ill on such people, and hope that their future projects fail, will be disappointed by .. (Short Stories)

Barcelona Plates (2000) Alexei Sayle

 Iain Stott (July 07, 2008)  To fully appreciate this collection of short stories, one must, I think, be familiar with the author Alexei Sayle's stand-up or television sketch comedy work. His prose very much mirrors his angry, ranting, incredulous Liverpudlian persona. Not that I want to put off the uninitiated, because I'm sure that they will be able to find plenty of enjoyment within these stories. But the .. (Short Stories)

Drakas! by SM Stirling

 Sunil Tanna (March 17, 2008)  Drakas! is an anthology of short stories written against the background of S. M. Stirling's Draka universe. Each story stands on its own, and they are set at various times and places from the 19th century to the 21st and beyond. Towards the end of the book, we also see the same kind of cross-time travel that featured in Drakon. Contributors to the anthology include a wide range of .. (Short Stories)

When Murder Becomes Profitable - Book Review - Legends, Leaders, Legacies

 Gene Louis (December 04, 2007)  Every society breeds some people who will resort to bullets when they think their desire for greed or power is threatened. Some of these threats to the heroes of society occur when power grabbers cannot verbally compete with words and logic. This sickness can inflict any society in the world. For example, in France, young Joan of Arc was torched to death at the age of 19 by members of .. (Short Stories)

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