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Rich Brother Rich Sister - Two Different Paths to God, Money, and Happiness by Robert Kiyosaki

Alain Burrese

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"Rich Brother Rich Sister: Two Different Paths to God, Money, and Happiness" by popular author Robert Kiyosaki and his sister Emi Kiyosaki is an interesting and enjoyable book. At first, I really didn't know what to expect with this new direction Robert Kiyosaki has taken, but I did enjoy this newest book by the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad. "

One of the first things a person can learn, is Robert Kiyosaki knows how to make money. After make a lot of it with his book about Money, Kiyosaki is now exploring the areas of spirit and health, two other topics that rank high on the money making list of book topics. And Kiyosaki states right up front that one of the reasons he wrote this book with his sister was to make money and help her pay medical bills and become a millionaire too.

Even if Kiyosaki is capitalizing on his fame to write a book in a different genre to make even more money, that does not take away for the interesting stories about his and his sister's lives and lessons they learned. I think many people ask the same or similar questions about life, God, spirit, etc. Kiyosaki has now shared some of his questions and the answers he has found.

At times, I felt the book was a bit redundant. Some things are repeated unnecessarily, and at other times I felt a lack on continuity between the portions written by Robert and those written by his sister Emi. However, considering the very different paths their respective lives took them along, it is easy to see why the chapters do not flow seamlessly. Additionally, at times I felt they were reaching a bit to try and make spiritual lessons from certain examples. Some people might even think that the book is a bit “preachy" with Kiyosaki's own beliefs on morality.

These small things did not take away the enjoyment I got from reading the book. I liked the portions written about Robert Kiyosaki's life a bit more than his sister's, but that may be because I am more familiar with Robert and his other works, and I also spent time in the military, so I enjoyed hearing about his service and how it influenced the rest of his life. As someone who has also studied Buddhism, I did like learning of Emi Kiyosaki's journey into her Buddhist faith.

There are sections of the book, that if you read as a book to learn from, you can gain valuable lessons to apply to your own life. I think this is true with most biographies, but this book makes a point to illustrate certain lessons. Robert and Emi Kiyosaki are both teachers, so I guess it is hard for them not to teach. There were sections that blared “here's a lesson, listen up!" I for one liked the lessons included in this text. There were lessons on life, living, money, Buddhism, all combined in one book.

I think if you are a fan of Robert Kiyosaki's other books, you will enjoy learning more about him. If you are not a fan, you probably won't even read this book, and you might just be missing out. After reading this text you may just have a greater respect for where Robert Kiyosaki came from and what he is trying to do. I know I do.

Alain Burrese, J. D. is a mediator/attorney with Bennett Law Office P. C. and an author/speaker through his own company Burrese Enterprises Inc. He teaches people to live with the warrior's edge through his writing and speaking on a variety of topics focusing on the business areas of negotiation and success principles as well as self-defense and safety topics. He is the author of Hard-Won Wisdom From the School of Hard Knocks, several instructional dvds, and numerous articles. You can find out more about Alain Burrese at his websites and


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