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Fireworks With Females Written by Slade Shaw - Is it Another Dating Course Scam?


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So what is this Fireworks with Females book all about?

I mean, I am tired of all the claims made by the dating gurus and relationship experts who all tell me that their course is better than the rest and is in fact the next best thing. I have high expectations. I mean you can imagine why. I have read many, upon many ebooks, studied courses, listened to interviews and watched videos relating to this topic of helping men succeed with women. That is why I have high expectations when it comes to another guru giving good quality dating advice that works. Most of them sadly fall rather short.

So that's why I am here to give you a quick review of Fireworks with Females, produced by the Meet Your Sweet team.

People ask me if this book is a scam?

Well, for the first time in ages, I have come across another decent course that is applicable for men that applies sensible and successful theory instead of encouraging unnatural scripted lines (not saying that scripted stuff doesn't work though, because it does).

Now for the guys who don't know who Meet Your Sweet are, their brand is synonymous with an entirely new generation of providing dating, life skills and relationship information for men that is both of high quality and does not break the bank!

What I like about Fireworks with Females is that it does not teach tricks or techniques, rather they teach a whole new way of thinking so that you can embrace them and concentrate on things about your own life to improve upon so you can get the most beneficial outcome and success!

Fireworks with Females is very comprehensive and well designed. It is full of pages that gave me an “uh huh" moment as I grinned and shook my head as I remembered the situations pointed out by the author as to why I was not attracting women. I felt as if the author really was sitting around throughout my life watching me fail with women!

For the guys out there who are looking for a quick fix to their love life. This is not the book. Because, honestly to do something about your life permanently, you need to realize that there is no short term fix. You need to develop a game plan and implement it in your life so you not only get the girl, but keep her. For more than just one night! This is exactly what Fireworks with Females is all about!

Fireworks with Females has over 215 pages of quality content that is split into 5 main sections, which are set out as:
1. setting your own beliefs
2.developing the knowledge required to move onto the next level
3. understanding the essentials of communicating with women
4. learning how females think
5. tips on how to handle a long term relationship.

As you can see the book is much more than a compilation of crafty pickup lines. It is about focusing on how to build intimacy and get the women to be interested in you all the time with minimum effort on your part.

Fireworks with Females is a very complete course that is about more than simple one-night-stands and is perfect for men who want to learn how to create a relationship that lasts. It also teaches you how to regain your confidence around women and develop a personality that creates attraction dynamically so when the right women comes into your life you will know what to do.

For men who want to take their skills of attracting women to the next level, he needs to understand that:

- he needs a course that not only encourages you to listen, but implements things!

- he needs a course that shatters old beliefs that do not serve him well, otherwise he would be succeeding with women already and not reading this review!

- he needs to understand that in order to keep a women interested, he needs to know how to keep her longer than past the first date

- he needs to get rid of that stupid “oh, I only need this aspect, and the rest doesn't apply to me" sort of mentality

- he needs someone to show them ways to internalize the powerful mindsets that need to exist to keep the girl of his dreams in his life

Once a person finishes the course, he will be able develop a new mindset and become a member of a new subset of men who are committed to challenge their own mindsets that do not work and develop a naturally attractive personality that does not rely on mind tricks and games to trick women for the short term.

This is the only way I believe that men are able to achieve long lasting results permanently.

oh and Slade Shaw is so confident about how great his course is, he is even providing a $5 trial for 7 days BEFORE you need to pay for the rest of it!

On top of that, he offers a 100% money back guarantee if you think the course is of law quality.

Now you tell me that isn't a great deal!?

Plus right now, he is giving a free bonus audio titled “How to Become Bulletproof With Babes" and is offering a limited special pricing! But I don't know how long he is offering this for, so you got to hurry!

Want to check out Fireworks For Females? You can get a copy if you click here!

About the author, Maurice Jackson.

Maurice has been studying seduction and pickup for the past few years and has personally reviewed hundreds of courses, ebooks and training manuals. He has set up a website dedicated to assisting men succeed with women. You should check out his page about Slade Shaw Fireworks With Females Review

You should also sign up to the free 6 part seduction secrets mini course dedicated to helping men like you improve their ability around women! So you should check out his site!

Good luck with your journey on being successful with women!


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