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The Five Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Reading Self Help Books


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Mistake no. 5: Reading the wrong book

Several thousand books exist today on the self-help market, but only 20 percent of those books have value, the other 80 percent is crap. There are too many so called “experts" out there, who are writing different books on how to be successful.

But how can you find the valuable ones? It's easy. Ask the successful people you know, what books would they recommend if you wanted to reach the same level of success. They probably will give you at least five good titles.

Mistake no. 4: Reading the book only once

Most people buy a self-improvement book, they read it and after that, they never touch it again. In my opinion, a self-help book should not be treated like a regular book.

You have to use it like a reference. After you have read it for the first time, you come back later to it and re-read those parts where you still might have some problems.

Mistake no. 3: Seeing only validation

Let's say you are reading a self-improvement book. As you are reading it, suddenly you say to yourself: “Hey! This guy is talking about me! Every day I kind of follow these teachings. So I must be doing fine, there is no need for me to read this book. "

But wait a minute here! Is it really that way? Then why did you buy that book? Just for fun? No, I don't think so. You have a problem and you need to solve it.

Pay attention to the facts; don't let your emotions to control you. Read the book more carefully. Are you really following those teachings or you just think that you're following them?

Mistake no. 2: Looking for more information instead of focusing on solutions

We live in the information age and we like to think that consuming more information will solve our problems. Especially intelligent people, who are constantly working with information, have this tendency. When they run into a problem and cannot solve it, they are thinking: “I have not enough information, I must get some more. "

This can be true if you are computer scientist or something like that, but when it comes down to real life problems, then it is not the case. More information will not solve your problems.

Instead of looking for more information, analyze what went wrong in that situation and what can you do differently the next time when you encounter the same problem. It is all about practice. You have to be practical.

Mistake no. 1: Taking NO ACTION!

It's the BIGGEST mistake of them all and most people are failing to avoid it. Don't just sit home, read your books, listen to the audio tapes, or watch the video seminar. Take action!

You will not be changing your life by thinking about change. You will change your life by making the changes. Action makes the difference between those who succeed and those who will stay a loser for the rest of their lives.

Daniel McBill is known as the father of fear-overcoming techniques. He is also the main brain behind the upcoming “Kill Your Fear" Challenge.

You can find more techniques and interesting ideas on his website.


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