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The Japanese Samurai Code Classic Strategies For Success

Alain Burrese

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"The Japanese Samurai Code: Classic Strategies for Success" by Boye Lafayette De Mente opens with “Bushido, the ethical system of Japan's famous samurai class, which ruled the country from 1192 until 1868, eventually came to encompass every aspect of the lives of the people - their philosophical and spiritual beliefs, their etiquette, their family life, their dress, their work, their aesthetic sense, even their recreation. "

In this book, De Mente attempts to identify the positive factors in Bushido that were primarily responsible for the astounding economic success of the Japanese, and still today play a vital role in their economic prowess.

For anyone who wants to succeed with dealings with Japanese businesses, or who has an interest in applying the character traits in the samurai code of ethics to enhance their own personal skills and performance, this book will be an enjoyable read and an interesting success manual.

The book has 59 short chapters, making it very easy to read and digest. Each lesson could be pondered for a much greater length of time than it takes to read the short chapter. For those interested in the Japanese language as well as cultural and historical references, you will be happy to see the Japanese for each of the titles and concepts presented in these chapters too.

Some of the topics covered:

The Spirit That Motivates the Japanese: Nihonjin no Seishin

Power of the Right Mental Attitude: Tadashii Kangaekata no Pawaa

Taking the Best & Leaving the Rest: Shusha Sentaku no “Myou"

Failure is Not an Option: Shippai wa Yurusarenai

The Power of Extreme Diligence: Osokubeki Nihonjin no Kinben

The Samurai Work Ethic: Bushi no Roudoh Rinri

The Word of a Samurai: Bushi no Ichi-gon

The Do or Die Factor: Inochigake no Seichin

Adjusting to Change: Henka ni Taiou

The Right Thing the Right Way!: Subete ni Jouseki ari

Boye Lafayette De Mente has been involved with Japan, Korea, and China since the late 1940s and is the author of more than 30 books on these three countries. I have enjoyed a number of his books, and this one especially so.

I too study the ancient warriors from Korea, Japan, and China and I am grateful to people like De Mente who have enabled me to learn about these countries in English. As a martial artist, former soldier with the U. S. Army, and someone who follows and teaches not only the physical skills of self-defense, but also the warrior traditions and philosophies, I found this book extremely valuable not only to help improve my own skills to succeed in personal and business endeavors, but also to study, apply and assist with my own personal warrior philosophy and teachings.

When the samurai entered battle, their goal was to win. Bushido skills will contribute to your success and help you win at life. Study and apply the lessons in The Japanese Samurai Code and you'll see how far the classic strategies for success will take you.

Alain Burrese, J. D. is a mediator/attorney with Bennett Law Office P. C. and an author/speaker through his own company Burrese Enterprises Inc. He writes and speaks about a variety of topics focusing on the business areas of negotiation and success principles as well as self-defense and safety topics. He is the author of Hard-Won Wisdom From the School of Hard Knocks, several instructional dvds, and numerous articles. You can find out more about Alain Burrese at his website or at the Northwest Speakers Association website


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