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How to Make Up With My Ex - A Review!


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Getting back with your ex, sounds like a dream or a nightmare come true. It can be both, especially if you were the recipient of some heavy metal objects thrown about. Remember the shouting matches, clothes being burnt and your guitar broken into pieces. Does the latest episode of ‘desperate housewives’ ring any bells, yet? If you are okay with all of the above and still want to know about ‘How To Make Up With My Ex', then you are already on the right track. Being in a relationship, even with your ex, will require the will to work on it despite certain shortcomings. If you have the will to do so, then let's get started on ‘How To Make Up With My Ex’.

1. Under the microscope - The first thing that you need to do is a bit of introspection, put your relationship under the scanner and highlight the positive, negative factors of that relationship. This will actually help you to highlight the problem areas of your relationship and help you to address the same right away.

2. Perk her interest up - Any change is bound to arouse a certain amount of interest in your ex, so give yourself a makeover and get rid off the stuff she does not like. I am sure that you must have had numerous arguments over who gets to watch what television program. Any relationship that does not involve a couple fighting over the TV guide is not normal. So be ready to make certain sacrifices including the ‘play ball’ time and get ready to appreciate ‘The bold and the beautiful’. The point being here is that with shared interests, you guys can get to spend some quality time with each other. In addition, these changes will definitely get her attention and on the subject of changes, you can give yourself a makeover, from top to bottom.

3. Stop the arguments - Do not spend arguing every moment that you spend with your ex. If you are not able to control your frustrations better, perhaps a meditation session or two can help calm you better. If your ex sees that you have not changed for the better, you may as well say ‘goodbye’ to any chances that you may have had of getting back together.

4. Walk the talk - Just blowing a lot of ‘hot air’ is not going to get the job done. If you are planning on impressing your ex, then you better be prepared to walk the talk. If you are going to mention to her that you plan to change, give yourself a makeover and give up on the things that she did not like, do it. In the long run, you are much better without it anyway.

These are some of the things that you can do in order to get back with your ex. Most relationships end on a very sour note. It takes time for both the partners to forget the bitterness and get ready to move on. While moving back together may not exactly be a great idea, there is a certain comfort zone in getting back with someone who knows you ‘in and out’. So there is no need to pretend and you can be yourself, the only thing that you need to decide on is whether that is a good thing or not, translated that means that you will definitely need to make the changes to make this dream come true - savvy?

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