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Double Your Dating Review - Is This Ebook Another Dating Product Scam?


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Many guys new to the seduction and dating community will no doubt hear about “Double Your Dating" (DYD) written by David DeAngelo.

Because of its popularity, I have heard of many people wondering if the Double Your Dating Ebook is a scam?

Well, it is only a scam if you do not implement the theory taught in the book! That is my answer.

Clearly the book is not a scam.

It provides fantastic content relating to seduction and pickup. This mini review will briefly describe what the book is really about.

Now why would I know this?

Well, I have personally read, studied and completed many courses about seduction and pickup. This is probably one of the foundational ebooks in the genre. It is a MUST READ if you really want to improve your success with women.

David DeAngelo starts off the book by informing readers that his book is not the ultimate guide for seduction as many guys out there may think. Although yes, it does provide very good content on how male and females interact and explain the attraction process in detail the book provides much more than that.

Double Your Dating is more a self help book that assists men overcoming their own misunderstandings of women that have resulted in their own inability to attract and charm the women in their life that they truly desire.

The interesting aspects that I found in the book related to chapters about:

- Just being yourself
- Differences between the sexes
- Dispelling common misconceptions about what attracts women
- A look at the personality traits that women desire the most in men

Just being yourself?
Many guys out there often want to know whether or not they should adopt a new personality to attract women or just be themselves? David provides a detailed explanation as to why sometimes being yourself is not the best thing to do. Having said that, he does not encourage being fake either.

Differences between men and women
What I found really interesting was that Double Your Dating goes into detail to explain the differences in men and women in terms of attraction, specifically relating to seduction! No other book I have read provides this sort of detail!

Dispelling common misconceptions about attraction
There are many misconceptions about what really attracts women. For example most guys out there believe the only way to attract a woman is to be either really good looking or have a lot of money. David DeAngelo destroys this myth and provides reasons as to why having these does help the average guy, but it will not help you in the long term.

Personality traits that women find the most attractive
Probably the most interesting and insightful part of the book is when David explains what are the type of guys that women really want. This is a no holes barred chapter and will really blow your mind!

If you are wondering why you are not succeeding with women, or why she's not returning your phone calls, then chances are you are doing one of the many mistakes that are identified in this comprehensive book.

Now, before you go on and get a copy of it, I urge you to check out a full review of the ebook because I don't want you to fall for the same mistake I did when I first got in the seduction community. That is, you end up buying thousands of dollars worth of ebooks and courses, then later realizing that most of them did not suit your personality style.

This is just a quick review of the book Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo.

For a comprehensive review, check out David DeAngelo Double Your Dating Review .

If you would like to get a copy of Double Your Dating I strongly suggest you check out the full review prior to making your decision!

About the author, Maurice Jackson.

Maurice has been studying seduction and pickup for the past few years and has personally reviewed hundreds of courses, ebooks and training manuals. He has set up a website dedicated to assisting men succeed with women. You should check out his page on How To Attract Women .

Also sign up for the free 6 part seduction secrets mini course on his site that is dedicated to helping men like you improve their ability around women! So you should check out his site!

Good luck with your journey on being successful with women!


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