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Articles or Book Reviews about or concerning published works of reference containing a comprehensive collection of information on a wide range of subjects or many aspects of one specific subject.
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Two Books on Writing Fiction You MUST Have!

 Kelly Wallace (December 13, 2008)  I've been writing for well over 15 years and have read a lot of books on the craft. Some are lifesavers, other have a few pearls of wisdom, while a few aren't worth the time or money. There are even books on writing that leave you feeling defeated and wanting to throw your computer, along with your dreams of becoming a successful writer, out the window. I won't talk about books that .. (Reference Encyclopedia Dictionary)

The American Skyscraper 1850-1940 - A Celebration of Height is Great Tour of America!

 Glenda Bixler (September 21, 2008)  Skyscraper By day the skyscraper looms in the smoke and sun and has a soul. Prairie and valley, streets of the city, pour people into it and they Mingle among its twenty floors. . . It is the men and women, boys and girls so poured in and out all day That give the building a soul of dreams and thoughts and memories. . . -Carl Sandburg's Chicago's Poems (p. 325) Sheer serendipity .. (Reference Encyclopedia Dictionary)

A Book Reviewer's Best Friend - The Synonym Finder

 Gail Pruszkowski (August 22, 2008)  Words, words and more words - these are the all important tools of the trade for any writer. Sometimes the joy of stringing them together into something eloquent is indescribable. You know exactly what you want to impart to the reader but you're stuck for the right word to convey the meaning. And sometimes you find the right word and overuse it. Whether you're writing a novel, a .. (Reference Encyclopedia Dictionary)

Howdunit Forensics by DP Lyle A Must Have For All Mystery Writers and Readers

 Carlene Rae Dater (July 03, 2008)  I bought “Howdunit Forensics" from Writer's Digest Books to use as a reference tool when writing my own mysteries. I thought it would be handy book to peruse when writing to make sure the technical aspects of my mysteries were correct. No one was more surprised than me when I wound up reading it like a novel. Why? Because it's fascinating. The book is broken down into three large .. (Reference Encyclopedia Dictionary)

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