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Articles or Book Reviews about or concerning published works about all things Lifestyle, Alternative Lifestyle, Worldview and Consumer Habits related.
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Develop Good Habits In Your Life Through Some Excellent Paperbacks

 Ashish Satija (November 26, 2012)  Everyone likes to give good habits to his or her children, so that they could run their life in trouble-free manner and stand in the society without any glitch. The stories of grandparents remain the first mean of adding these habits to the kids. Apart from them, a number of books are also published for them, which consist of a set of stories, to make them aware about the ethical .. (Lifestyle)

Fights Against Social Problems In The Books Of Premchand

 Ashish Satija (October 17, 2012)  Premchand was a great author who wrote a lot of famous books in Hindi and Urdu. But, he is prominently known as a Hindi writer. Today, his books are even more popular than they were in own time. He was a public author who fought against the social problems by the means of his literature. A number of stories and novels were written by him, which gained a huge popularity. Some of his .. (Lifestyle)

Daily Newspapers and Weekly Magazines

 Ricky Pointing (May 18, 2010)  Anybody taking a look at magazines in the 20s or 50s would see a huge difference between them along with the periodicals of today. You will discover some journals which seem to buck the trend, amongst probably the most popular are home publications. Newsweek magazine is up for sale raising questions about how people today need to get their news. Computers have quite a few great features . (Lifestyle)

Kim Vo Hair Styling Products – They’re here!

 Melanie Adams (February 01, 2010)  The young and talented iconic hair stylist, Kim Vo is all set to launch his own line of hair products. Famous personalities such as Bill and Hillary Clinton and top celebrities such as Britney Spears, Kate Hudson and Pamela Anderson, all owe their styled locks to the renowned colorist, Kim Vo. Now, after an era of fashioning the tresses for many superstars, the artistic hair style .. (Lifestyle)

Get ten times better hair with It’s a 10!

 Melanie Adams (February 01, 2010)  Being stylish and in the trend has a lot to do with experimenting with hairdos, hair color and even changing the form of hair. Mostly, curls turn into immovable straight hair and vice versa. Who realizes the aftereffect when we go about mistreating our poor locks to the harsh chemicals? Well, the wishes of having a product that treats hair with care, making them smooth, silky and .. (Lifestyle)

Fragmented Frames - Reflections of an Indian Film Critic

 Binay Srivastava (December 06, 2008)  Book: Fragmented Frames Author: Bhawana Somayya ISBN: 9788122310160 Page: 320 Price: INR 395 Publisher: Pustak Mahal If you are a Indian cinema buff and interested to know interesting and authentic behind-the-camera-scenes, you will most likely gravitate towards a book that has been written by someone who has intimately known the Indian film industry -Bollywood- for close to thirty .. (Lifestyle)

Purity - The New Moral Revolution by Kris Vallotton

 Richard R Blake (October 17, 2008)  A New Revolution in Sexual Purity "The Parable of the Ring, " an allegorical story, opens Kris Vallotton's his book “Purity: The New Moral Revolution. " The ring is depicted as the symbol of your virginity. Vallotton's purpose in writing this book is to provide a catalyst for a sexual reformation. It is his prayer that the book will “rock the planet and rewrite the sexual .. (Lifestyle)

The Magic of Making Up 3 Great Tips

 Thomas Moody (October 10, 2008)  There have been many books written with regard to getting back together with an ex following the breakup of a relationship. Many of these often only give you a vague idea of what you need to do in order to hopefully win that special one back. Yet today there is a program now available online called “The Magic of Making Up" which can help you with getting on the right track to .. (Lifestyle)

Five Must Have Fashion Books

 Dexter N James (October 07, 2008)  Almost all the artistic sections of human society have got a number of books written on them, be it film, painting or other crafts. Those books are read profoundly by the book lovers. Even the heaps of books written on fashion clearly indicate that it is not enough to wear fashion only, but its literature too needs some space in your wardrobe. 1. A to Zoe. Writer: Rachael Zoe Grand .. (Lifestyle)

Book Review - Doctors Grace Gabe and Jean Lipman-Blumen's Step Wars

 Sheena Berg (September 17, 2008)  How many times have you heard of empty nesters, be they divorced or widowed, falling in love and marrying and thinking to yourself, “how wonderful and how perfect?" After raising a family, it's now their chance to experience the happily-ever-after relationship, where they can focus exclusively on each other and nurture their marriage without having to deal with raising each .. (Lifestyle)

Take Back Your Time, Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty in America - A Book Review

 Kimberly Griffiths (August 19, 2008)  The lack of time, Graaf claims, is resulting in painful realities in our lives: - Convenience Foods: the foods that are fast to prepare and eat often are not nutritious and make us fat - Long Commutes to Work: require us to have the expense of reliable transportation, gas and insurance - Overscheduled Kids, Underconnected Familes - Shrinking Vacations: Americans average 8.1 days of .. (Lifestyle)

Make Natural Power Guide

 Max Loodlin (August 07, 2008)  Make Natural Power is. . . Basically, this is a guide that allows you to create your own green energy source. This is either a solar power generator or wind power generator. What does this mean for you? Instead of paying for electricity you will be able to produce your own. How Can It Possibly Do All That? The reason why this guide allows you to build your own green energy source so .. (Lifestyle)

The Handymans Promise by Nick Poff Book Review

 Paige Lovitt (July 02, 2008)  AuthorHouse (2008) ISBN 9781434370549 "The Handyman's Promise, " is the third book in a series about handyman Ed Stephens. It begins in 1983, when Ed's partner Rick Benton is preparing to return home to him after living in Indianapolis for over a year. Rick moved away to get training in a career in real estate; now he is coming home so that he can work in his home town and continue his .. (Lifestyle)

A Review On The New Temperance - The American Obsession With Sin And Vice, By David Wagner

 Robabe Sarikhani (December 08, 2007)  General subject matter: repression of pleasure in America and the constant mantra of danger. Theme: a compelling historical and sociological and philosophical analysis of the American infatuation with sin and immorality. Thesis: the author reasons The New Temperance as a strategy to serve social class interests and popular social movement. About author: DAVID WAGNER is associate .. (Lifestyle)

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