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Articles or Book Reviews written about or concerning Personal Inspiration in the form of Short Stories, Narratives, and other prose that is not based in factual events.
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Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child and the Intriguing Special Agent Pendergast

 Cj Mackey (January 09, 2013)  Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child became my favorite authors when I started reading Relic, a horror/thriller set at the American Museum of Natural History. Douglas Preston worked at the Museum as a writer and editor from 1978 to 1985 and the rich detail around the museum's inner workings drew me in. There began a series of novels that would become centered around a very unusual .. (Inspirational Fiction)

Broad Street Bully

 L. A. Sharp (January 10, 2009)  For me, Broad Street Bully is a story that had to be told, and it is, in fact, a story that we can all relate to - the struggle to stay on the right path in the face of enormous odds. The main character, Eric Stiles, is a recent college graduate groomed in one of the roughest neighborhoods there is, North Philly. And despite the many challenges he faced throughout his childhood, he made . (Inspirational Fiction)

The Princess

 Nola Redd (December 17, 2008)  In most fairy tales, when the Princess and Prince get married, the story ends “happily ever after". In Lori Wick's “The Princess, " however, the vows are only the beginning. Although this is the story of an arranged marriage, I found its underlying message quite relevant to most people today, and I think it may especially help those who are struggling or considering divorce. . (Inspirational Fiction)

Book Review - Nicolae

 Nola Redd (December 17, 2008)  The third book of the Left Behind series focuses on the rise of the man known by Christians to be the AntiChrist in the last days on Earth. Of course, the story is not told from Carpathia's perspective, but from that of the believers we already know and love - Chloe, Buck, and Ray. Ray and Buck struggle with the most evil boss in the world, the Tribulation force grows larger (and .. (Inspirational Fiction)

100 Minutes That'll Change the Way You Live!

 Binay Srivastava (December 14, 2008)  The true stories the book carries, celebrate life's trials and tribulations as well as mistakes and triumphs. The author Dr. L. Prakash says that “10% of life is made up of what happens to you; you determine the other 90% by your reactions. You can't change everything that you don't like nor can you run away from everything that doesn't suit you. If the pressure of life starts .. (Inspirational Fiction)

"After the Leaves Fall" by Nicole Baart

 Laurel Wreath (October 14, 2008)  Beverly Mitch from the TV series “7th Heaven" said, “I think the hardest part about being a teenager is dealing with other teenagers-the criticism and the ridicule, the gossip and the rumors. " In After The Leaves Fall, Julia Bakker from rural Iowa spent her teenage years trying to escape the gossip of a small town. Julia became familiar with loss at an early age, her mother . (Inspirational Fiction)

The End That I've Been Hoping For - A Review of End By John Ashton

 Jenny T Simpson (October 13, 2008)  I used to have one rule when it came to buying books. Don't buy self-published. There's usually something wrong with them that prevented agents and publishers from picking them up and I don't want to waste my hard earned cash on something that might not be worth it. Having said all of that, I have been finding myself increasingly disappointed with what's on offer at the big bookshops .. (Inspirational Fiction)

Robert Morgan and Sharyn McCrumb Bring to Life Appalachian's Cultural Folkways

 Geri Brewster (August 21, 2008)  Robert Morgan, English professor at Cornell University, and Sharyn McCrumb, a well known writer on Appalachian folkways, are to be commended on their stories of the South folk. The book “Gap Creek" by Robert Morgan, writes about a young girl in childhood, through marriage, and the hard times she endured, has created a masterpiece of historical work. One could almost feel the .. (Inspirational Fiction)

Review of the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

 Joanne Ott (August 01, 2008)  The Slight Edge is a great book for your personal development library. This book will challenge your current thinking and philosophy towards life. This book is about how you can change your life, and how “The Slight Edge" can have an amazing impact over time. Jeff explains very simply how one can take control of every aspects of one's life right away. This includes .. (Inspirational Fiction)

Brida by Paulo Coelho

 Joy Cagil (July 30, 2008)  Brida is the story of a search of learning by a young girl who is seemingly naïve, but she is neither naïve nor lacking in intellect, since she has had a few incarnations, in which she knew a lot about being a witch. Brida is a beautiful, ambitious, and successful person, and she has a very supportive boyfriend, Lorenz. The story takes place in Ireland during 1983 and 1984. The story . (Inspirational Fiction)

Desert Journey by Dr Jerry Burgener Book Review

 Ron Standerfer (July 17, 2008)  iUniverse (2007) ISBN 9780595908509 The basic premise of Jerry Burgener's well-written and moving book, “Desert Journey, " is this: A middle-aged man, battered by a series of failed relationships and filled with self-doubt, decides to take a couple of months off and travel to the American Southwest. Once there, he plans to do very little but ride his horse, enjoy the breathtaking .. (Inspirational Fiction)

Midnight Sea Written by Colleen Coble

 Cy Hilterman (July 08, 2008)  I had read another book, Alaska Twilight, written by this author. I doubted that “Midnight Sea" could be as terrific a book as the former. I was wrong! Colleen's way of telling a story couldn't be any better in keeping a reader glued to the pages. The story locale is Hawaii in the midst of the many coffee plantations. Leilani Tagama, known as Lani, is the featured girl in the .. (Inspirational Fiction)

Life Lessons A Book Review of The Ultimate Gift

 Michele Nuzzo (June 20, 2008)  Are you feeling sorry for yourself? What if your problems were reasons to rejoice? Can you imagine that a crisis might be an opportunity or even a gift in disguise? That's just one of the lessons Jason Stevens learns in The Ultimate Gift, an inspirational novel by Jim Stovall. Wealthy patriarch Howard Red Stevens has died, but he still has one last trick up his sleeve. The decedent's .. (Inspirational Fiction)

Hermetica by Paul Kiritsis Book Review

 Cherie Fisher (June 18, 2008)  iUniverse (2007) ISBN 9780595449569 This book had a strange effect on me. I found as I began reading it that I was mesmerized by the poems and stories. It engaged me from the beginning to the end and I had a hard time putting it down. I applaud the author's style of combining both collections of poetry and his own interpretations of myths and legends. In the introduction, the author .. (Inspirational Fiction)

Book Review Ill Cross the River by C Hope Finchbaugh

 Richard R Blake (June 17, 2008)  Courage and Hope in the Midst of Persecution C. Hope Flinchbaugh's “I'll Cross the River" is a fictional account of the heart rending drama taking place in North Korea today. Her novel is a composite of stories drawn from real life testimonies and interviews of refuges and persecuted Chinese Christians near the border of North Korea. "I'll Cross the River" is based on the lives .. (Inspirational Fiction)

Book Review - Who Made The Morning? by Jan Godfrey and Honor Ayres

 Richard R Blake (April 13, 2008)  In Search for an Answer The story of Little Brown Bird comes alive for the young reader as the contagious excitement and curiosity of waking to a new and beautiful day poses the sudden question “Who Made the Morning?" The short crisp dialog and the endearing and delightful illustrations express the gratitude and appreciation of Little Brown Bird in her search for an answer. The .. (Inspirational Fiction)

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