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Articles or Book Reviews about or concerning Gardening, Gardening Techniques, Residential Gardening, Hydroponic Gardening, Indoor Gardening, Container Gardening, Composting, Community Gardening.
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Year Round Plant Containers Guide

 Adrian Fisher (February 20, 2013)  If you want to keep green, fresh plants in your garden and home all year round, then turn your attention to all season plant containers. These are basically plant pots made up of different plants which stay fresh and green all year round. In most cases, these are specially made as the species selection and the way they are planted needs to be proper and effective, especially if the .. (Home Garden)

Why Residential Maid Services are important?

 Deepa Leenair (February 08, 2013)  People get tired cleaning their houses every day. Thus they hire residential maid services. Even though they yield good results, dust settles down on the furnishing and floor within seconds. So the tired housewives feel it is misuse of time to clean the entire house. Instead they fell tending the needs and requirement of their loved ones is more satisfactory. Sometimes women get .. (Home Garden)

Granite - It Is Easy to Clean Now

 Adrian Fisher (November 26, 2012)  In many parts of our cities there are granite statues that look solid and make the area more artistic and refine. This is the kind of art that amazes people and impresses them because the can see the statue from close enough and enjoy the details of the thing. However, such statues are wonderful too look at and a nightmare to maintain. So, here are some tips from the professional .. (Home Garden)

Home Cleaning as if Obama is Coming

 Adrian Fisher (October 22, 2012)  For some people owning a home is a dream come true. They work their whole life in order to achieve it and finally when that happen, they live in it for just several years. Then, their kids start working and saving for a new house and this circle repeats time after time. This is the reason why many people start wondering if they really need a house or it is better for them to live in a .. (Home Garden)

Protect Your Expensive Tables With Table Pad Covers

 Celvart Alton (February 27, 2012)  Got an expensive table at home, wouldn’t you want it to be at your place a little longer? Wooden furniture looks elegant but also asks for extra care and protection. You can give them the right kind of protection by making use of table covers that are widely being used in homes and offices for the purpose they serve. With latest technology manufacturers are developing fine quality . (Home Garden)

Making Your Event More Attractive with Marquee

 Jal Jing (November 09, 2011)  Why you need some outdoor shelter? Why you have to buy it? As you always have some outdoor gatherings and activities, you need to have some waterproof and UV protection shelter to keep the attendances well for the changing weather. You are available to use the gazebos again without the trouble of hiring again from the hiring companies; therefore you have to buy your own outdoor .. (Home Garden)

Where to Buy the Best Gazebo Tents

 Jal Jing (August 17, 2011)  The quictent website is one of the suppliers of the pop –up gazebo that can be use for garden, carport and any small outdoor activity. The sleek design of this gazebo with the size of 3x3m is so practical for any open-air family trip especially for a nature park or a beach picnic. With steel anti-rust powder coating, this can be use for long lasting. For a gazebo for sale, the .. (Home Garden)

Gazebo Tents

 Jal Jing (August 15, 2011)  Gazebo Tents The pop up gazebo is considered a best seller in any local hardware and sports store because of its size which can fit in a small carry bag. The durability of it could be testified by buyers who used the said gazebo during their summer breaks outdoor outings and to those home makers who installed theirs in their backyard. The waterproof pop up gazebo are perfect for small . (Home Garden)

Shibori Knits

 Shannon Evans (December 15, 2008)  The Art of Exquisite Felted Knits is an artistic exploration of the art and craft of incorporating shibori weaving techniques with knitting. Author Gina Wilde takes the reader on a transformational exploration where old myths about texture and finishing are abandoned and results in the reader reinterpreting their own creative responsibilities. Old stereotypes for color and content are .. (Home Garden)

Review of Mimi Tanner's Declutter Fast Book

 Deji Peng (November 29, 2008)  If you live in a home you would know how frustrating it can sometimes be to keep it in order especially if you do not know how or what you have tried did not work. Mimi tanner has created the declutter fast book which promises to show you how to get your home in order in the easiest possible way. Much has been said about this book, but here is a review of what to expect from it. The .. (Home Garden)

Organize Your Life - Free Yourself From Clutter & Find More Personal Time

 Alain Burrese (October 02, 2008)  Organization is a fundamental key to success, and an area that I do very well with sometimes, and not so good at others. I think many people probably fall into this same trap. This is why there are so many books on organization. I try to keep on top of these books to see what is good, what isn't, and to continually keep myself motivated to stay organized. The most recent organization .. (Home Garden)

#1 Woman's Do it Yourself Book That Saves Time and Money

 Bill Delmer (August 22, 2008)  You Can Do It, the flagship offering from Delmer's Deals, is a Do It Yourself(DIY) book geared towards women. The unique aspect of the book is that two men wrote the book but then had their friend who is a woman rewrite it so that it would be woman to woman. It guides women through home repairs that don't require special tools or many hours of work. Other topics covered are how to .. (Home Garden)

Gifting Perfect Flowers As Per Zodiac Signs

 Jyoti Vangani (August 15, 2008)  As we all know each sign of the zodiac is ruled by its own set of characteristics like colors, gemstones, parts of the body . Similarly plants and flowers also has equal importance . Everyone can appreciate the beauty of nature but since each sign represents a particular energy or style, certain signs will be drawn to different flora and fauna. If we study which botanical beauties .. (Home Garden)

People Trust in the Health Benefits of Herbs

 Brian E Hill (July 16, 2008)  Aside from the fact that Herbs add more flavor to food, there are recognized health benefits that herbs could give the body. Since ancient times, it's been demonstrated that herbs genuinely have health benefits and as contemporary medicines were not available in those times, herbs were regarded as a good remedy for every health problem There are many health benefits that have been .. (Home Garden)

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