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Panic Away - An Honest Review of the Joe Barry Panic Attack Treatment

Mark Pasay

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Panic Away is an electronic book or EBook and is available for immediate download so you can get started immediately with the program.

Over 10 years ago, Joe Barry, a former panic attack sufferer developed a completely natural technique that he claims can eliminate 100% of anxiety and panic attacks within minutes.

Pretty bold claim. . . let's see if he can back it up.

After considerable research we were able to determine that the Panic Away program is one of the most widely used self-help panic and anxiety attack treatments available, boasting over 26,000 users to date.

The Joe Barry Panic Away technique is called; “The One Move" which he claims is capable of breaking the cycle of panic attacks and taking your general anxiety level back to zero without the use of medication or relaxation techniques.

Joe Barry presents his information in an easy to read format. He does not use complicated psycho babble words often and explains himself when he does. He uses stories to help make his point and carries the reader through a logical progression as he reveals his One Move technique.

He does a nice job of explaining the symptoms of panic attacks as well as the myths and misconceptions of panic and anxiety attacks.

The One Move technique is presented quite early in the book and is extensively explained and reinforced.

The Panic Away book offers some specific applications of the One Move such as driving with panic attacks, anxiety attacks from the fear of leaving home and anxiety due to fear of flying and fear of public speaking.

The One Move also claims to be an effective treatment for General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

As stated on the Panic Portal website, the One Move is a simple technique that could be used in virtually any “real life" situation, it is not complicated nor a long drawn out process.

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