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Twilight Book Series


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Thank you, Stephenie Meyer.

The Twilight book series instantly became one of my favorites and will stay with me for a long time. I have read the entire series, (within a week) and was very impressed by the authors original take on vampire and werewolf lore. The integration of these two fictional species, without all the original story lines and restrictions, was very refreshing, and I recommend these books to existing fans of the genre and also to those who have not been interested before. I think you may find something new, not only in the story itself, but also in the quality of visualization that the author gives us. I feel as though I could have witnessed the events for myself and could feel everything that each of the characters went through as the story developed.

The story has been taken to the next level of exposure with the production of the movie Twilight, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I felt that all of the actors in the movie did an excellent job of portraying each character trait and allowing us to fully visualize the story for the first time. Thankfully the film stays remarkably true to the original story line, (which, as we know, isn't always the case).

I sit with bated breath and in tingling anticipation of the next film, New Moon, again starring Kristen Stewart but this time she will be paired with Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, an old childhood friend from the local Indian reservation. This next installment will show us the developing relationship between Bella (Stewart) and Jacob Black (Lautner) as Jacob helps Bella to move on after Edward (Pattinson) and the rest if the Cullens leave the town of Forkes, Washington when it becomes clear to Edward that Bella would be much safer if he were not around.

If you are a current fan of the best selling series then I hope you agree with me that this next movie, if done with the same care and consideration given to the first book, is going to be amazing. If you are not yet intrigued by, or are just starting the Twilight series, I hope you continue to be sweetly surprised and abundantly fulfilled by the remaining stories.

The saga continues. . .


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