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Articles or Book Reviews about or concerning published works relating to Cooking, Culinary Arts, Cooking Techniques, Healthy Cooking, Organic Cooking, Outdoor Cooking, Canning & Preserving, Professional Cookery and Baking.
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Americas Most Wanted Recipes Review

 Jim L King (January 07, 2009)  I originally bought this book because my daughter LOVED desserts from the cheesecake factory so much, and we simply didn't have the money to spend on fancy foods. But when I discovered Americas Most Wanted Recipes, I was so excited! My daughters 9th birthday was coming up soon, and I knew she would adore a cheesecake on her birthday, so without telling anyone, I made a cheesecake, .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Pizza - How to Cook Like the Pizzerias

 Richard Zook (January 06, 2009)  The Best Pizzeria in Town is Your Own Kitchen Have you ever wanted to make a better pizza from scratch in your own kitchen. Make a pizza that tastes like one of those pizzeria pizzas you see on T. V. or here people talk about. You know the ones they had in New York city at a Pizzeria shop. Well you can with the right help. This book is going to teach you every thing shy has learned from . (Cookery Cookbook)

Feeding the Whole Family - Cookbook Review

 Carrie Lauth (January 03, 2009)  So many women become interested in eating a whole foods diet once they become pregnant. Whereas before they were mostly interested in maintaining their weight, once the are responsible for another life, it becomes more important to maintain health. But then when baby starts eating solid foods, a curve ball is thrown into the kitchen. How do you prepare meals for babies, tots, kids and .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Book Review - Cooking With a Baby on Your Hip, by Francinne Lawrence

 Susan Heim (December 29, 2008)  I recently ran across a book that defines “hip" in more ways than one. Not only does it give you fun recipes to make while you're in the throes of parenting an infant (i. e. , always with a baby on your hip!), but the cool design and easy recipes in this book are designed to make you feel “hip and happy"! Cooking with a Baby on Your Hip is the first of a planned series of .. (Cookery Cookbook)

100's of Barbecue Recipes

 Sandy Mertens (December 01, 2008)  This is an excellent e-Book that is a must for anyone who loves a barbecue. It contains 100s of mouth-watering recipes. Resale rights are included! You may sell this e-Book for profit. Or simply buy it for yourself. This E-Book contains various BBQ recipes including:- Beer Barbecue Sauce Honey Spiced BBQ Sauce Watermelon Barbecue Sauce Jack Daniel's Grilling Sauce Tennessee BBQ Sauce . (Cookery Cookbook)

Even Professional Chefs Need a Little Help

 Chris Garrou (December 01, 2008)  Among ourselves, many chefs will discuss the cook books that we use, copy, adapt, and reference to achieve our goals of providing customers with new and unique dishes. I, myself, am currently a line chef and an on-call personal chef and caterer. I am constantly adapting to my environment to improve upon the basic recipes I come across and to provide the nourishment that my varying .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Nigella Express is Exactly What a Cookbook Should Be

 Joi Sigers (November 29, 2008)  One of my favorite things in the world to do is cook. When I am in the kitchen cooking for my family, I am as happy and peacefully content as one human was ever meant to be. So it is not surprising, I suppose, that I collect cookbooks with a great, unbridled passion. I grab up any cookbook that looks interesting, but I am partial to those authored by Food Network chefs. As an addict to .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Gift of the Yucatan - A Different Mexican Cuisine by Trudy Sauri

 Richard R Blake (November 26, 2008)  Authentic Yucatecan Meals "A Different Mexican Cuisine" created by Trudy Sauri introduces children, ages nine through twelve, to a people and culture of the Yucatan peninsula of southern Mexico. This is the fifth in the Gift of the Yucatan series. Colorful pictures and illustrations used throughout the book are mouth watering and enticing. The book provides twelve menus, for twelve .. (Cookery Cookbook)

The Best Italian Cookery Books

 Andrew J Smith (October 29, 2008)  In my book review article this month I review three of the best Italian cookbooks. I have lived ten years in Piedmont Italy and my Italian wife is a fabulous cook. Once I moved to Italy I realized that very few English language Italian cookery books come close to capturing that special something that real Italian cooking is about and so I set about finding those that do and this is the .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Review - The Turkey Cookbook - 138 New Ways to Cook America's Favorite Bird, by Rick Rodgers

 Jane Wangersky (October 08, 2008)  This book promises “138 new ways to cook America's favorite bird" - but if you just want to make a simple Thanksgiving dinner, it'll help you with that, too.   Chef Rick Rodgers starts at the beginning, describing different kinds of turkeys in his introduction. ("Farm-raised wild" turkey, anyone?) The chapters cover whole turkey, leftovers, white meat and dark, turkey cutlets .. (Cookery Cookbook)

The Literary Chef Book Review - Devil in the Kitchen

 Alet Viegas (September 28, 2008)   Nothing seems to be more inviting to a young chef than perfection in a kitchen. Though Marco Pierre White is more of a blast from the past, the book tells a different tale. It shows White in a different light, that beyond the violence, abuse and boorishness there was a chef driven to achieve excellence. It is his life-trailer that finishes with panache, revealing the brutalities of a .. (Cookery Cookbook)

America's Most Wanted Recipes Review

 Diane Gray (September 20, 2008)  Do you love to go out to your favorite restaurant and order those sumptuous dishes that you crave, but with today's soaring food prices you just can't afford it anymore? Do you wish you could duplicate these delicious dishes at home so that you and your family can still enjoy them while saving a ton of money? I tried to solve this problem by trial and error experimentation but could .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Bread in Half the Time - Book Review

 Kathleen Henderson (August 28, 2008)  Bread in half the time is by Linda West Eckhardt and Diana Collingwood Butts. It was first released in 1991 and is now found mainly in second-hand bookshops. It is a massive workbook with 344 pages, including many well-presented illustrations. While others since this book was published have included micro-rise bread making techniques in their overviews of bread making, this was the .. (Cookery Cookbook)

The Stevia Cookbook - Cooking With Nature's Calorie-Free Sweetener

 Carrie Lauth (August 04, 2008)  If you want your family to eat less sugar or you are trying to lose weight, this book would be an excellent addition to your cookbook library. It is full of helpful information about Stevia, the “sweet" herb that is also calorie free. The first part of the Stevia Cookbook talks about the history of Stevia - both since the beginning and in modern times. Here is an interesting .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Get Your Kids Cooking With These Kid Approved Cook Books

 Christine Steendahl (August 03, 2008)  Many popular Children's cook books help parents and kids learn to interact in the kitchen. Children love to cook and these cook books describe easy ways to cook nutritious meals with kids in mind. 1) Burning Down the House This cooking with kids cookbook is a simple, easy to follow cookbook - containing recipes that allow a child's mind to explore the wonders of cooking. The kid .. (Cookery Cookbook)

The Lost Art of Cooking

 Martha Cheves (July 27, 2008)  Most recipes are either too complex with too expensive ingredients resulting in dishes way too fancy for average families. Thus began my search for an entertaining easy-to-use book of recipes to feed any family on any budget. . . a book that would really be used instead of relegated to the back of the bookshelf! I quickly discovered that if such a book were to be found, I'd have to .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Vintage Cook Books

 Candis Reade (July 25, 2008)  Vintage cook books are are generally very old. These are the same cookbooks that our mothers and our grandmothers kept by their side while making those delicious home cooked dinners for us each day. It isn't a wonder why children and grandchildren feel so honored when they are able to receive one of these prized possessions. To think how much time our mothers and grandmothers spent with . (Cookery Cookbook)

What Makes a Good Cookbook

 Barbara Gardner (July 16, 2008)  Although there are a few good cookbooks out there with no photography, most people think they are important. A cookbook without photographs is best appreciated by the master cook. Photographs serve two purposes. The first is to catch your eye and draw you in. A cookbook with quality glossy photos beckons you to try something new. That is what we want a cookbook to do for us. The second .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Review of Chef Anthony Bourdains Books

 Susan Beisel (June 25, 2008)  One of Chef Anthony Bourdain's seven books was given to me as a gift by my brother. Before he did, I had never even heard of Chef Bourdain. He is the host of the TV show called No Reservations and the chef at Le Halles in New York City. One is called No Reservations and the other one is called I enjoyed his passion of food service and his outlook on food life. If you want to know what .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Are You Still Searching For Those Top Secret Recipes From Your Favorite Restaurants

 Dawn Lenton (June 25, 2008)  Where can I get secret Restaurant Recipes and Cook Books? There are tons of recipe books out there that provide good recipes. Most of the books have every day, old fashion recipes. Cook Books can provide many things besides step by step instructions on how to cook and prepare certain meals. 1) They save you time. By not having to spend a lot of time on “what am I going to make .. (Cookery Cookbook)

One Pot Galley Gourmet Is A No Muss, No Fuss Cookbook

 Tom Jerome (May 19, 2008)  One Pot Galley Gourmet, by Becky Coffield, is a simple, unassuming, irresistible cookbook specializing in easy-to-prepare, nutritious and delicious one pot meals. The book is intended for those who don't have the time, or the inclination, to spend all day in the kitchen (or galley) preparing a meal. The book offers informative, and often humorous, tidbits of information generously .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Learn to Cheat at Cooking From Delia

 Alden Jerry (April 01, 2008)  Literature has different categories varying from poetry, novel, and autobiography to lifestyle and education. Cookery became a part of literature in the second half of the twentieth century. There were many conservatives who raised their eye brows when cookery was included in the section of literature. But soon it formed a wide read category of literature with a variety of books getting . (Cookery Cookbook)

Reviews of Top Raw Food Recipe Books For Families

 Eve Zhu (March 03, 2008)  1. Rawvolution Matt Amsden has written and illustrated this very inspiring yet simple to use recipe book. It contains highly useful information, such as ‘Stocking Your Kitchen', which details not only the basic equipment needed, but also basic ingredients for making raw food preparation easy. ‘How To Eat Raw While Traveling’ is fantastic for school and work with .. (Cookery Cookbook)

Jamie Oliver - The Pukka Chef

 Jacob Marshal (November 28, 2007)  How would any one feel if a native English speaker repeatedly uses Hindi words in his conversation? Amazing isn't it?! James Trevor Oliver, the famous English chef is habituated in using Hindi words like ‘pukka’ very often in his conversations and writings. Popular as The Naked Chef, James Oliver is one of the favourite among food lovers. Apart from being a chef he is also a . (Cookery Cookbook)

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