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Biology & Book Reviews Article Category 

Biology & Book Reviews Article Category
Articles or Book Reviews about or concerning published works relating to the Natural Science of Life and Living Organisms including the areas of Marine Biology, Molecular Biology, Organic Biology, Chemical Biology, Cellular Biology, Genome Biology, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Immunology, Genetics and anything relating to Biology.
Latest Articles

Findings Jobs on Craigslist: How to Search with Success

 Mark Burgunder (July 04, 2009)  Are you looking for a new job? If so, the internet is a valuable research tool, as is If this is your first time using the Craigslist website to search for a new job, you may be looking for some helpful search tips. Continue reading on for ways to find jobs on the popular classified website. To get started, visit the website. Once on their main page, you .. (Biology)

The Ascent of Man

 Ilmas Futehally (October 04, 2008)  What separates man from other primates, or indeed other animals? Jacob Bronowski, a mathematician trained in physics, examines the scientific and intellectual history of humankind in his book The Ascent of Man. Though the book is based on the television series aired on BBC in the 1970s, it is far from outdated. Over 30 years after it was first published; The Ascent of Man still invokes .. (Biology)

Stiff - the Curious Life of Human Cadavers

 Nita Prihanto (August 11, 2008)  Do you know why cadavers look swollen after they rot? That is thanks to all those little flesh eating creatures we call maggots and bacteria. They too have secretion system. The only different is, when we die, our muscle stops working (d'oh!) thus OUR secretion system fail to dispose any garbage within our body. Voila! We become their toilet. Have you seen Wizard of Oz? One of the .. (Biology)

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