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Articles or Book Reviews about or concerning published works relating to Beginning Photography, Fashion Photography, Digital Photography, Commercial Photography, Photo Galleries, Stock Photography, Astrophotography, How-to Guides on Photography and anything relating to Photography.
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Canvas Photo - A Way To Preserve Our Cherished Photos

 Jade Lopez (October 26, 2011)  Photos are the best way to remember past memories in our life. It allows us to take a glimpse on the happy moments that we are with our friends and families. And through these photos we are able to share our memorable moments to future generations. Thanks to the invention of digital cameras, it gives us the chance to capture every moment in our life. Do you know that there is also .. (Arts Photography)

Printing Photos On Canvas For Different Occasion

 Jade Lopez (October 19, 2011)  Do you find it difficult to look for the right gift for your loved ones during special occasions? Different occasions also requires a different gift to offer to the recepient. Thus, it always necessary to choose a gift that is suitable for any occasions. Well, you don't need to waste you time visiting local shops just to have a right gift since you can actually has an option to find it .. (Arts Photography)

Prediction Astrology Taurus 2012

 Della Jiang (September 29, 2011)  Taurus (Apr 20- May 20) Persons born from April 20 to May 20 are all under this zodiac sign. Now, we will opened mystery of the Astrology Taurus 2012. Taurus, those amiable people born between April 20th and May 20th, are smart, practical, influential, and pragmatic people, but they can also be quite stubborn, which often equates with perseverance and a great will to succeed. After .. (Arts Photography)

Your Precious Memories on Print On Canvas

 Jade Lopez (September 24, 2011)  We all love photos. It is something that we want to keep and cherished because of the precious memories and stories that it captured. These memories may include our childhood memories, memories during special occasions, achievements and even simple memories that we are with our friends and family. Usually, we are fond of keeping these photos in our albums in frames, thinking that it's .. (Arts Photography)

Flaming Night Photos

 Bobby D Strunk (January 14, 2009)  We all know that night photography is a big part of photography marketing. What you may not know is how to take a night photo that will make you money without using any light. No light that is, except the light of a fire. Still photography of some type of fire is the part of photography that can give you a whole new way to look at night photography. It can be the single flame of a .. (Arts Photography)

Making Movies With Your Digital Camera

 Bobby D Strunk (January 08, 2009)  Even if you did not get a cam corder for the holidays you can still have holiday movies. If you have a digital camera and a computer you can create some great home movies. I have the windows vista and this is what program I use to make the movies. I'm not sure if all computers have the same program but I would think that they have a program that is similar. What you have to do is to go . (Arts Photography)

Get Paid to Take Photos - How to Make Money Taking Photographs

 Ryan K Lim (December 22, 2008)  Do you have a hobby of taking photos? Today, you can earn a lot of money from taking photos. I have heard a high school student that makes $5,000 per month from taking photos. Let's take a look how you can do the same: 1. The New Opportunity The Internet has opened a whole new possibility for you. Using the internet today, you can reach many customers around the world. This is possible .. (Arts Photography)

Night Photography Can Be Pretty Cool

 Bobby D Strunk (December 11, 2008)  There are a lot of people that are getting into photography these days. I expect that this is due to the fact that digital cameras are really simple for someone to use. You can take some great shots and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg. It is nice to know that the price of digital photography is coming down to where people can afford it. As easy as they make it for you there .. (Arts Photography)

Focus on the Eyes When Photographing People

 Bobby D Strunk (December 10, 2008)  The favorite thing for people to photograph is other people and I think that people do this because they want to be able to save that moment forever. It has gotten to the point were just about everyone has a camera, from the teenager who takes pictures of his buddies with his cell phone to the people that look at photography with an artistic view. With digital photography coming into .. (Arts Photography)

Having a Photography Website is Easier Than You May Think

 Bobby D Strunk (December 10, 2008)  There are people that would like to have a photography website but they feel as though it would take a lot to get one up and running. In the world of photography marketing it is easier than you may have thought. You can start out with not more than an internet connection, a computer, which you probably already have. You can put up a simple web page on a free website to start out with. .. (Arts Photography)

How to Create Online Photo Albums

 Steve Minkler (October 10, 2008)  Creating a photo album website can be a great way to share your collection of old shoebox prints or slides (as well as more recent digital photos) with the public at large. The first step is to organize your best photos under various sub-headings. For example, you might have a large number of Hawaii vacation photos which could be placed under the heading “pictures of Hawaii". Or .. (Arts Photography)

Photography Books Enjoy Capturing the Best Images

 Adam Jaylin (June 18, 2008)  Informative and valuable books have been the best friends, for forever. Book plays the important role of guide and teacher, which entertains and enlightens the readers from time to time. As per the interest of the reader, he or she can opt for desired books. The market is flooded with various books ranging from fiction and non-fiction to romance, adventure and action to photography. .. (Arts Photography)

The Truth About DigiCamCash Will Shock You!

 Terry Edwards (May 08, 2008)  If you have a passion for photography, and have a digital camera to click pictures with, then you may be interested in learning more about DigiCamCash, a new guide to earning an income selling your photos online. Sound interesting? Well, here is how it works. DigiCamCash by Jarrod Hardcastle, takes users step-by-step and shows them how to snap pictures and upload them on websites that .. (Arts Photography)

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