Empowering Teenagers - A Few Clues About Teens And A New Book


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From a new book: “Adolescence is a difficult period, both for the emerging adult and for those around him/her. Intellectual growth, *** awareness, quantum physical growth and the need for increasing independence are all natural and expected patterns. We need, badly, to recognize these patterns and to empower the “young adult" to deal with growth in wholesome and productive ways. That is not a utopia. . . it is achievable with understanding and open communication.

I’ll give you a major clue: always understand that what peers think of your child and his/her actions is an overly important consideration for the child. Maybe such peer opinions are unjustified, but they are excruciatingly important to the child. We have not done the best job possible at empowering our children. . . . giving them the room and respect that they deserve and expecting the same in return. “

A new book, “Empowering Children" is a powerful tool for parents and others interested in raising children to the crowning height of their individual potential. The jeopardy of children in today’s world is revealed at length, with camera angles on internet dangers, child abuse, *** predators, domestic violence and ecology issues. Parent and family roles are discussed. There is a chapter on the author’s hundreds of motivational talks in the classroom. Then a global journey, examining the empowerment needs of children in the most desperate conditions as well as those in better circumstance.

Some comments from the children:

“I wish everyone was as inspiring and open minded as you. "

“I thought my life was cruddy. . . thanks for coming to our class, now I know I can do something great with my life. "

“I really appreciate you coming to talk. I think it’s really cool how you try to help teens. "

“Changed the way I thought about things and helped me to open my eyes. "


Dr. Malkin holds a B. Sc.in Business and a Masters and Ph. D.in Religion. He has made hundreds of visits to schools with a moving and effective motivational presentation, urging teens to do their personal best. His mentoring programs have empowered many, many children. His quest for years has been to teach the power of Right Action, working towards the goal of a better world.


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