Screenwriter and Novelist Marguerite Ashton Receives Rave Reviews for Mafia Novel

Marguerite Ashton

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When asked what gave her the idea for the story, she replied, “I am a big movie fanatic of all genres, but if you were to ask my favorites, it would be mafia and horror. With Taylini, I decided to add a twist that is not included in your usual “mafia stories. "

See below for a brief synopsis and a sampling of reviews of Ms. Ashton's book:

Nora Taylini struggles to keep her family together, while her husband fights with his rival Dons. Knowing that he was once best friends with Don Meroni and Don Lamano, Nora feels pressured to maintain her dignity and not exact revenge in the “Old Mafia Fashion. " By focusing her attention on their children and stratesizing ways to keep the Taylini dynasty alive, she throws the family into a tail spin.

Nora and Santino stand by one another as they fight to defend their family's good name. A family who once was defined endures emotional and physical pain as they accept the ups and downs that come along with the mafia life they have chosen.

Here is a sampling of the reviews:

Nora and Santino Taylini live in Palermo with their five children. Their lives are complicated by their “mafia" upbringing and their sense of commitment, not only to their biological family, but to their “mafia family. "

Typical overbearing parents, they struggle to control the destiny of their children. Sonny and Bobby are determined to choose their own wives, while Rebecca and Bella allow Nora to pick their lifelong mates. Spatterings of “mafia" life including the Dons, the bodyguards and the irate “mafia" wives add color to the story.

Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review

Taylini: A Family Saga is a fast paced drama that takes you right into a mafia family. In this well written story, the reader is taken into, not only the strong family ties, but also the struggles the family must endure.

Sherry Moore, Shadows of the Past.

Writing fiction is one of Marguerite's favorite things to do, along with acting. Last year, she signed with Big Fish Talent located in Colorado. When she is not writing or acting, Ms. Ashton dives into her favorite interests including, yoga, weights, volleyball and ballet. During her down time she loves to watch a good NASCAR, baseball or football game. “Listening to classical or jazz music, brings me to a new level. It opens up my mind. "

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