Cultural Creative Models - Part 2 of an Indefinite Series

Ed Howes

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Kevin Trudeau's excellent book, “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don't Want You to Know About" is a double whammy on industrial - corporate greed. Not only does he hammer home the point entire industries are profiting by causing sickness and death on a global scale, he lays bare the reasons why we call it health care, when it is truly sick care and it will never solve the health problems it often causes in the first place.

The reader gets hammered with the message to remember it is always all about the money. The average American and European suspects this is the case. Kevin removes all doubt. Kevin, who has been attacked in the past by government bureaucrats for making health claims about products he was selling, such as coral calcium, has desisted from selling health products but freely recommends the best he and alternative health professionals have found to be effective in reversing disease and probably aging.

The other side of his double whammy is his unapologetic promotion of organic food, pure water, clean air and energy balancing for home and body. All things the professional quacks are quick to call quackery. The organic food industry, one of the most honest and beneficial on the planet, has been enjoying excellent growth over the past few years, because word is spreading that you pay a premium for the very best food, which creates the very best health. Yet a skillfull shopper of organic food, especially bulk dry goods can eat for far less money, then buying the poisons offered in the local supermarkets. Even these markets are adding organic products because they can see the writing on the New Age wall. Consumers are wising up. Kevin is doing all he can to accellerate the process.

He has wisely chosen to restrict his product offering to information, the most difficult product for the money loving bureaucrats to interfere with Kevin's marketing. Each time some state attorney general decides Kevin will not market his book in their money loving state, Kevin sues. I wonder what would happen if the Gates Foundation threw in with Kevin and company.

He does not come out and say so in his book, yet he makes it perfectly clear, agribusiness, water companies, pharmaceuticals, medicine, government, food processors and marketers are all promoting suicidal weapons of mass destruction to consumers. “Here, consume this poison and call your doctor. Now!"

The book is a best seller despite attempts by these industries to silence Kevin and block the marketing of his book. Each copy sold, increases his war chest and teaches consumers, who get no respect in the marketplace, how by taking small but effective steps in daily lifestyle, we can drive greedy murderers out of the marketplace. Maybe even prevent them from exporting their sickness and disease to the poor countries which already have more than they need from chronic malnutrition and foul water.

His book can save and lengthen your life and improve its quality from the time you take your first small steps. He will surely become the clearing house and testing mechanism for many new alternative health discoveries coming down the road. He has already begun organizing alternative health care providers by creating directories on the subscription portion of his website; Natural He knows marketing and will multiply his company profits as he increases the profitability of organic food marketing, water purification products, energy field generators and all the tested and proven alternatives to toxic food and medicine. Give him his white hat. Few are doing more to reverse the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual degeneration of humanity. Buy his book, buy his other products, subscribe to his website and you will be blessing all humanity. If you save and improve your own life as a fringe benefit, you have gained wisdom at a bargain price.

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How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat Secrets For the Regular Person Part 2 of a 4 Part .
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