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Why the new and expensive books are doing better sales than the cheap books


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Nowadays everybody is trying to save as much money as possible. The economics are collapsing, a couple of countries are facing the bankruptcy and it is hard to spend money for something that you don’t really need like the books. The book markets are supposed to suffer a lot from these economic imbalances but they are still alive and they are still selling a lot of books.
There are several factors that will determine if we are going to buy new and expensive book or second hand cheap book.

On one hand, it depends on the good upbringing. If the person who is going to buy a book has lived in a family where buying books was something quite normal and ordinary as it should be, they will respect the books and the price will not be from a great importance. On the other hand the decision of buying expensive or cheap books will depend on the financial condition of the person.

It doesn’t matter how great the person’s respect to the book is, if his or her children are starving.
Here are some reasons that are determining the decision whether to buy new, expensive book or to get the cheap book.

  • The first reason is not from a great importance, but there are many less important reasons that when you take together the result that you will get will surprise you. Sometimes the books are used for presents. Whether you are going to a birthday or for Christmas Eve, the book is one of the best presents. It is impossible to buy second hand cheap book for present.

  • The bestsellers among the books are new books. When one book is a bestseller that means that a lot of people are looking for it and you will not find it in a cheaper option. So that book will remain expensive.

    When it went to the shelves of the cheap books there will be another bestseller and most of the people will buy the new one. This is a kind of a circle where the newest books are the books, which are doing best sales.

  • In most cases if the book is cheap that means that it is second hand and it has been already used once at least.

    A lot of people are scared of second hand buying because they don’t know what kind of person held the book before them. They will definitely spend more money for having new book.

  • There are other people who have nothing against second hand items, but when it comes to books, there is no compromise.

    The smell of the new book and the feeling that you are the first person who is opening that book is priceless for them. Used cheap books (in Denmark people say Køb billige bøger ) will not be bought by these people too. Everybody wants to watch the newest movies and to listen to the newest music. It is the same with the books and the new books are expensive. In order to read the newest books you will have to get the expensive books. If you want the cheap books, you will have to wait for a little while.


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