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It's becoming more apparent that fuel cost reducing options do exist for owners of trucks, SUV's, RV and larger vehicles. The Wisconsin company located in Superior, Amsoil Inc. has these options which include synthetic motor oils, gear lubes and transmission fluids which have a profound impact on fuel economy. Will industry tests that demonstrate an average passenger car's fuel consumption can conservatively be decreased by two to five percent when switched to synthetic lubricants.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics, shows data from American vehicles consuming almost seventy-five billion gallons of gasoline in 2003. If each vehicle switched to Amsoil synthetic lubricants, for example, and realized an improvement of, say five percent, this would translate in to three and three quarters billion gallons of fuel saved. Lets take this around the corner and use $2.30 per gallon, which equates to a savings of $8.7 billion, that's with a “b".

Let's hit you where your wallet is. According to the same Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average passenger car consumed five-hundred and fifty gallons of gasoline in 2003. Your family budget sees a significant portion go to feed your family car. If you own an SUV or truck, ouch. At the price of approximately $2.30, 550 gallons cost $1265.00. A five percent fuel economy improvement would save 27.5 gallons of gasoline and yield $63.25 a year in fuel savings. Those savings will pay for a years supply of Amsoil synthetic motor oil and the superior Ea Oil Filter. Now you'll be set for another year of superior performance in extreme cold and hot weather that keeps your truck or passenger car on track to extending their depreciation.

When it comes to trade-in time, it's been my experience that that the car dealer was keenly interested in the added value and care that my trade-in experienced with superior motor and drive-train lubricants from the leader in synthetic lubricants, Amsoil Inc.

For more information, see my authorized web site, http://www.lubedealer.com/hiebert Rudy Hiebert July 8, 2006

Paraphrased to fit this format, content from: Action News, Dec. 2005, Published by Amsoil Inc.


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