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The Benefits of Used Trucks over New


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‘New’ has all the eye-catching connotations of being fresh, just out of the manufacturer’s showroom and yours to drive first, however when you look past these ‘selling-points’ that aren’t actually necessities or advantageous to you, buying new can cost you more than what it is actually worth. Buying a used truck from a trusted dealership with over 30 years of experience can instead afford you many great benefits whilst still allowing you to enjoy the quality feel of a brand new truck.


It’s already been mentioned what a new truck will cost you and in financial terms it’s much more than you need to pay. You will most likely be looking for a truck to suit the requirements of your business in the commercial or industrial sector, so in an environment where cutting costs and watching your budget is paramount to success, why invest in a new vehicle when a used truck from this dealership can provide you with everything a new truck can for a fraction of the price? Used trucks are the smartest solution for businesses across the country that are in need of a reliable truck that does everything they need.

A Truck you can rely on

While a new truck can boast promises of long-lasting reliability for however many miles you take it on the road, there is no actual evidence of this and a new truck that is fresh from the factory floor could harbour many unforeseen faults. With a used truck you gain the benefit of being able to see its full service history, how reliable it actually is and you can also read reviews on the specific model before making the purchase.

Extensive Range

Buying new can restrict you to a certain selection of trucks that are actually available at the current time to buy new. While these trucks will have that new truck smell they may not actually provide the right amount of space or attributes you are looking for. Buying used will instead give you the choice of any previously released truck that is tried and tested for its quality and will tick all the boxes you wish to fill.

Perhaps you have your LGV training under your belt and are on the lookout for a truck that can cater to all your requirements and deal with regular use. The regularly updated range of used trucks on offer from this established dealership will benefit you out on the road much more than a new one would. For the smart choice, choose a used truck .


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