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Truck Tool Boxes - Selling Your Truck With Accessories


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If you have been trying to sell a truck or SUV these days, then you probably know first hand just how difficult a task it can be. If you can do something to make buyers perceive extra value you might just be able to stand out above your competition. Accessories you have installed such as truck tool boxes or running boards may be the customization that will lead buyers to your vehicle and not others.

We all know that we've been in a recession for quite a while now (even the government is finally admitting that to be true). Due to this, people just do not have lots of extra money to spend. While that could seem like a huge negative to someone in need of unloading their vehicle, it might actually be a positive. For one thing, if the value a buyer perceives is in the fact that he or she will not have to turn around and buy the accessories that you have already installed, then you just gained huge selling points. Plus, used 4x4's always sell for less than brand new ones. So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that selling a used truck might not be such a bad idea after all.

This is not to insinuate that adding a bunch of accessories right before you sell is a good idea either though. You will never recoup the full cost of any of the accessories that you install. It is no different than a kitchen remodeling job in your house. Yes, the new kitchen makes the house nicer, and you will certainly enjoy it. But when it comes time to sell the house, you may get a little extra money because of the new kitchen, but you will never get the full amount back. But wouldn't we all agree that a new kitchen makes a house more desirable to the potential buyers?

It is easy to see if you check out the blue book pricing of any vehicle. They outline exactly how much the various features and add on accessories are worth. Those fancy chrome step bars you added that cost you several hundred dollars might be listed as adding twenty dollars to the value if anything at all. However, when a potential buyer sees your listing in the Trader magazine right next to an identical listing, for the same price, that doesn't have the chrome step bars your listing just became the top pick.

Customization can also be effectively used as a negotiating tool. For example, if someone were to offer you a few hundred dollars less than you were asking for your truck, you could respond that you might accept that price after you removed some of the accessories that you had added. Alternatively, you could offer to put additional pieces on the vehicle if you were in a real pinch to get it sold quickly. Then you could look for used or cheap parts and get the vehicle off your hands. That kind of thinking might just turn a low ball offer right back around into a full price offer!

So the idea here is not to remove the accessories that you have already installed before you sell. Besides, when you buy your new automobile to replace the old one you just sold, you don't think your running boards are going to fit do you? And chances are that even if you buy a similar model, your old truck tool boxes are not going to fit right either! So just leave the accessories on, and use them to make you stand out above the competition.

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