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Truck Fuel Saving Ideas - Why to Use Water Instead of Gasoline!


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In these financially challenging times that are made to look worse by the spiraling prices of gasoline, you would be better off using alternative fuel. Here are some tips to help you reduce the amount of gas you use. If you are already following these tips, you are probably getting the best gas mileage your truck can deliver. With all the talks of environmental getting increased significance with every passing day, you would be well served with using a fuel that does two things - 1) Saves you a lot of money, and 2) Ensures that you do not pollute the environment. Water is thus an excellent alternative that will ensure both these objectives are met.

One problem with water is that it is not combustible. With that being said, you must also know that you can use water as a coolant in radiator. In fact, if you pour water on either petrol or a diesel powered engine, you would damage it conversely. So how is it proposed to use water as a fuel! One component of water, Hydrogen is a good fuel ingredient and can be used as an effective supplement to gasoline as a fuel.

We would have studied in our High Schools that Water is made of Hydrogen and Oxygen; two molecules of Hydrogen and 1 of oxygen. The hydrogen and the oxygen can easily be separated by the process of electrolysis. With that being said the hydrogen gas that you would get from electrolysis gas to be delivered to the engine combustion chambers. This is important because only when this is done, hydrogen can be used effectively as a fuel.

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Alternative Fuel For Trucks Save Truck Gasoline With Alternative Fuel
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