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Truck Fuel Saving Ideas - Convert Your Truck to Run on Water to Save Gasoline


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What is the best truck fuel saving ideas? One unique idea to reduce a truck gasoline consumption is to convert the vehicle to run on water. With the current credit crunch sweeping the nation, running a vehicle is becoming very challenging. The situation is made worst by rising global crude oil prices and inflation. Many truck owners rely heavily on their vehicle to make a living. It is understandable that these people are sourcing for ways to reduce their truck fuel consumption. There are news on the internet that suggest using water as an alternative fuel to run a truck. Is the idea legit or just a scam? This article will provide some information of the science behind using water a fuel for truck.

Pure water cannot be used to operate a truck engine. Water is good as a coolant in the radiator and as a windscreen cleaner. Water cannot be used as fuel because it is not combustible. Pouring water into the gas tank will only damage the engine. However, one of the components of water can be used as a complementary fuel source to gasoline. The special component is hydrogen gas (H2).

From high school science, we know that water is made from 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen hence its chemical name H2O. The H2 in water can easily be separated with an electrolysis device. The challenge here is to find a way to effectively and efficiently deliver the hydrogen gas generated from electrolysis process into the engine combustion chambers to be used as fuel for trucks.

Are you spending more and more money on fuel for your truck? Increase your vehicle mileage by exploring Truck Fuel Saving Ideas . Read the reviews on top online resources to convert your truck to run on water at

truck fuel saving ideas

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Car Water Fuel - Convert Your Car to Run on Water Fuel to Save Gasoline Cost
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