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Truck Gasoline Saving Tips Convert Water to Fuel


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With the current high fuel prices around the country, a lot of drivers are finding is hard to fill up their vehicle and keeping to their household budget. This is especially true for those who has to drive from one place to another in their automobile to make a living. Most of these people drive a truck because it is a reliable work horse. Due to its high engine capacity, a truck does consume a large amount of fuel. This article will share some ideas on truck gasoline saving tips.

There was a news report on television that highlighted the concept of turning water to fuel. Apparently, the technology is using electrolysis process to extract the hydrogen gas (H2) from water and use it as a power source. The same concept works on all type of vehicle including trucks. How does the process works?

Electrolysis is the function of running electricity through electroplates. When the plates are submerged in water, the end result is the formation of hydrogen gas bubbles. When the H2 is collected and directed into the truck air intake system, it will be mixed with gasoline vapor and burnt in the combustion chambers. The power produced from the gas cocktail is much bigger than conventional gasoline alone. This means with the same amount of fuel used but generating a higher engine output, your truck is traveling further therefore increasing your vehicle mileage.

You will be surprised that the electrolysis device is not expensive. In fact, you can construct it with parts available from a hardware store. There are numerous books and guides that you can purchase online that will show you the conversion process step by step. What you will need is the patience and dedication to follow the instruction and complete the whole project. Rest assured that the modification process is totally reversible. When gasoline prices are rising everyday, any idea that will help you to save your truck gasoline cost will be a blessing.

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Water Fuel Technology - Convert Your Car to Run on Water to Save Gasoline
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