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Fuel Theft is on the Rise 7 Tips For Truckers

Suzanne Roquemore

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Fuel theft has always been a concern in the trucking industry. But with average fuel prices on the verge of breaking the $5 per gallon mark, it's becoming an epidemic. High fuel prices are putting a squeeze on truckers, and some of them are getting desperate. Some are considering stealing fuel from other drivers for use in their own trucks. Others are considering stealing fuel in order to sell it to truckers who want to pay less. Either way, truck owners are getting nervous about the go-go juice.

1. Buy locking fuel caps and use them.
There is no guarantee that another driver's key won't fit in your lock, but fuel thieves are interested in easy access. They don't have a guarantee that their key is going to fit, so they are more likely to target unprotected fuel caps.

2. Don't leave the fuel pump unattended when you are fueling.
It's easy for a driver to pull up in the island on either side of you and slip your hose into his tank. If you run inside to use the rest room or buy something while the pump is active, you're susceptible. A driver may see you walk inside and post a look out to let him know when you're returning so he can put the hose back in your tank. He pulls away, and you're stuck paying the bill. Most fuel islands are under surveillance, so, if you suspect you're a victim, contact the authorities immediately.

3. Don't leave your truck unattended if you have full tanks.
If you just filled up, you're a target. Whether a thief watches you pull off the fuel island and park or whether a thief simply lucks out and picks a truck with full tanks, you're the one losing out. If your tanks are full, you've got more to lose. If your tanks are low, they simply aren't going to be able to get as much out of you. Guard your fuel. Start filling up before you leave out rather than before you park.

4. Install a camera system on your truck.
Put decals on your tanks that are clearly visible “you are under video surveillance. " Your best protection is to have a record of the goings on around your truck. If someone steals from you, you have proof. And a would be thief will think twice before stealing from a truck that may be recording his every move.

5. Park in well lit, high traffic areas whenever possible.
Fuel thieves don't want to be seen. They want to slink around unnoticed. They don't want to be in the front row with truckers walking by on their way in and out of the truck stop. They prefer the back corner of the truck stop where few people are likely to witness the theft. And they may be more likely to strike at night.

6. Be part of the Solution
Watch out for other truck owners- if you see someone siphoning fuel from a truck, call the police. We're all out here doing the same job- that could be your truck just as easily as it's someone else's. If you see another truck owner being robbed of fuel, snap a picture, write down the offenders description (height, weight, color, clothing, any descriptive detail that may help identify him), write down the description of the offenders car if it's visible, call the police, call the truck stop, call security if possible.

7. Don't be part of the problem.
Don't buy fuel from company drivers who are selling the truck owner's fuel. It's tempting, but it's theft. If the fuel does not belong to the person selling it, it's theft. Don't contribute to someone else's loss. It's no different from opening up someone else's fuel tank, putting a siphon hose inside, getting on the c. b. radio and saying, “sold to the highest bidder. " is the only comprehensive online resource for over 1100 truck weigh stations and scales as well as state DOT weight regulations and policies. Knowledge of the varying policies and the ability to manage or avoid most weigh stations can save truckers thousands of dollars in ticket fines. For further information, contact Suzanne at or view Truck Weigh Station, Scales and State DOT Information at


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