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Run Your Car on Hydrogen and Water Fraud Or Oil Industry Cover up?

Matthew Loop

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Take a step back, breathe, and release the built-up anger and frustration. . Unless you live under a rock, it's near impossible to overlook how much more we are paying for gas in the past year! I highly doubt there isn't a single American who hasn't payed attention to this atrocious and ever popular trend of sky-rocketing gas prices. A big question that seems to elude many, is the simply “What's being done about it?" As we are all aware (because of “Big Oil's" powerful lobby in Washington DC), congress is in the pocket-books of these mega-business conglomerates. Therefore, nothing is and nothing will be done about it!

Subsidizing gas is always an option (like many countries do), but that would force a tax raise in a separate area. It wouldn't be hard to begin gas tax holiday but that may only elevate demand as Americans rush to the gas pump when it happens. Congress could vote to tax the massive profits of the oil industry, but that would just make them cut the supply so gas prices would blast-off into the stratosphere.

If you stop and logically think about it, the only way gas prices are going to dip is if global demand for oil drops somehow. I mean world-wide demand would have to drop in a major way! Anything else will just make the situation worsen. But, what can we do to cut global demand? Obviously, it has to take a massive and immediate effort by all consumers to save gas. Three simple things you can do are changing the way you drive, purchase a hybrid car, or lastly. . . run your car on hydrogen technology. Hybrids are a bit lofty in price so I wouldn't advise this option.

Now, if you can find out how to power a car on hydrogen, as well as alter your driving, you will be able to substantially decrease your dependence on petroleum. Indirectly, you will be chipping away at the global demand for oil, too. Running your car on hydrogen is not as difficult as it's been made out in the mainstream media. Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe are following this trend and saving up to 65% on fuel expenses. This is literally thousands of dollars of savings every single year! Savings will increase in the future as a result of the continuing rise in gas prices.

Are you confused yet? If so, let me clear things up a bit. This technology does not involve using actual pure, compressed hydrogen to run your vehicle. We all are aware that this is a dangerous method. All you do is perform a fast and easy conversion on your existing engine. This will allow you to perfectly and safely run your car on hydrogen.

What it comes down to is that this involves harnessing one of the most plentiful resources on the planet. I'm speaking of water, of course! Water has two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen. When a small electrical current is fused into this molecule, it becomes broken down into its separate parts. This simple conversion apparatus takes the hydrogen and oxygen molecules and converts them both to HHO gas, or Brown's gas.

When this gas (Brown's gas) is introduced into your car / truck's combustion system using the method shown in the tested conversion manual, it acts as a very strong and highly efficient burning fuel additive. This makes it possible for you to run your own car on hydrogen and water. Not to mention, this will subsequently cause your vehicle to run much cleaner, since it will burn a lot less gas, which deposits much less dangerous carbon into the Earth's atmosphere.

By using this state-of-the-art conversion technology, you should notice at minimum a 40% gain in gas mileage, which can result in over a thousand dollars banked per year for any consumer. Combining this with the gas savings techniques listed in the conversion manual, you will up your fuel economy by 75% or more, easily giving you thousands of dollars more per year to work with. This is good considering it's your money and you should spend it on things you want, not outrageous gas prices!

- Matthew J. Loop, DC

Stop paying out the Wazoo for gas! Easily increase your gas mileage and save over $100 per month with the proven Run Your Car on Hydrogen system. It's quick, cheap, recommended by experts, and has a money-back guarantee! Use Water for Fuel now so click on the blue text in this paragraph to learn more!


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