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How to Convert Your Car to Use Water As Fuel


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Not many are aware of it, but there is indeed the kind of technology that allows you to scuttle your automobile on water by installing a gas alteration kit, or the hydrogen generator, that produces HHO gas from the water molecules. Water cannot be directly burned like a fuel, but gases can be extracted from it to be burned for energy. With H2O(pure water) being a great deal easier and cheaper to get than gasoline, it is no doubt that a lot of car owners are going to make use of the water fuel technology. This is an amazing alternative to the conventional fuels that we currently have and considerably reduces the cost of running your automobile in the long run.

It is actually very simple to put up a hydrogen generator and run your car on water. You just have to put 2 electrodes in a container of tap water and then direct a current(from the car battery) through it. This will result in the water molecules splitting into its core rudiments of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 single oxygen atom. The last part of the result is HHO, or Brown's gas. This HHO gas is then supplied into your engine anywhere it supplements the usual gasoline present in the tank. It allows for total combustion of the petroleum and it burns cleaner too.

You can setup the water for gas system in a single day. You can find all the parts and equipments you need in the nearest hardware shop and will cost you $100 or less. This gas conversion kit, or hydrogen generator, makes the automobile sprint on water and it has enhanced petroleum efficiency by 35% - 40%. You can either choose to build just the fundamental model of a hydrogen generator or there are also models accessible that add to gas mileage and petroleum competence by 50% - 100%. The choice is yours.

Now that you have a solution to gas problem, you can enjoy the hydrogen generator and use water to run your car. This expertise has not been commercialized because of its aptitude to crash the oil industry considerably. If all drivers were to scamper their cars with water, the demand for oil would go down, gravely touching countries that rely mainly on sales of oil for income.

The water4gas system can be built from residence for about $60 to $150, depending on whether you have some of the parts lying in your home garage. So far, this scheme has been able to make available an adequate amount of energy to power cars and trucks. Remember, you do still do require some amount of gasoline in your car, there is no model to make your car run only on water(yet). So what are you waiting for, get yourself a kit today!

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Water Fuel Technology For Cars - Convert Your Car to Run on Water
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