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How to Repair Scratched Glass WithOUT a Professional


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Wouldn't it be nice to know how to repair scratched glass by yourself? I mean, doesn't really matter whether it's automotive glass, or scratched-up glass in your home, it would be nice to know how to repair little scratches so you don't have to pay a professional every time, right?

Luckily for you we know a thing or two about glass repair. Here's a quick tutorial for anyone wanting to repair scratched glass by themselves.

The Clear-Coated Nail Polish Technique.

This is cheap, easy, and usually works for small scratches. All you do is get some clear-coated nail polish (Ladies, you probably already have some; Gentlemen, you can probably get some from your ladies : ) and apply it to the scratch.

Don't be too generous, but don't be scared either. Get a good amount on the glass. Then let it dry. After it dries, remove excess nail polish with. . . Yup, you guessed it, nail polish remover!

This usually works like a charm to repair scratched glass that is too severely scratched.

If it doesn't work the first time, it's possible that it may work if you do it again. Wait about a day or two (if you're here to learn how to repair windshield glass, try not to drive around too much for those two days) and do the process again.

A lot of times after doing this 2-3 times, your scratch will be completely invisible. And it makes sense, too, if you think about it. The nail polish creates layers and fills the previously run-down areas of the glass. This filling effect makes it so that the scratch is invisible, and Bingo, you get what you want.

Sometimes unfortunately, the glass is too deeply scratched and you have to result to other measures. Usually it's a good idea to get professionals involved, but there's a way you can do this yourself, too.

(I don't really know why I'm telling you all this. Sorta putting myself outta’ business here! Just kidding : )

If you DO have to get a professional involved, and you live anywhere in the Maryland, D. C. , Virginia corridor, make sure you check out Columbia Auto Collision for all your Auto Body or Glass Repair needs. Just ask for Eddie.

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