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Repairing With New VS Old Parts


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Car repair is never an easy or even affordable event to go through. More then likely that damaged car is the only source of transportation you have so this can be especially frustrating. You will be faced with many decisions as you strive to get your beloved car serviced and one of those will be using new parts or old parts.

While you may want to jump to the new and shiny equipment first, a comparison should really be made. Often times, going with something else will save you hundreds of dollars while providing the same, if not better performance. First, let us take a look at these “new parts"

Original Equipment Material or OEM is used far more often by mechanics instead of just saying new parts. OEM parts and equipment are not necessarily built by the company that constructed the car, but by the company that created the parts in that car. Many find OEMs preferable without giving any real thought to why. Often times, Aftermarket equipment will run far less then OEMs in price range and may even provide a higher quality product. Aftermarket materials are created by other companies and are still considered new.

On the other hand, “old" parts and material will be much more affordable then either OEMs or Aftermarkets but due to the stigma attached to these parts they are overlooked or rejected. These old parts are recycled or remanufactured from previously owned vehicles. These parts and materials are called Like Kind Quality, or LKQs. The LKQs will come from a vehicle that is the same year, model, and make as yours and have the same quality as OEMs. The only difference between this and other types are that LKQs are not new and have been previously used and restored. Since LKQs were previously owned and used there may be minor visual blemishes or differences.

Many car owners want only the best and believe that only OEMs can satisfy this. However, there are many considerations to keep in mind as you make such a decision.

Now, you need to be aware that your Insurance Company will probably make the final decision for you. Insurance companies prefer LKQs to that of OEMs, though some will compromise for Aftermarket material. The reason for the preference for LKQs is cost. LKQs are often far more affordable and provide the same function as other parts. To the car owner, this may be unacceptable as they want the newer part. While owners can choose to go with the OEMs they will probably not be reimbursed for the expense.

You may also want to consider the car's age and overall health. Unless the car has a significant sentimental value to you, it is never advisable to pay more for a repair then what the car's overall value is. For older model cars, an OEM can cost far more then the Blue Book value so settling for a LKQ just makes since. If, the car is a classic or means something special to you, OEMs will be a sound investment.

No matter what type of vehicle you own, when you take your car into the repair shop you will be faced with this decision. Mitsubishi repair, general truck repairs, and even motorcycle repairs can used either new or old parts.

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