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Classic Car Restoration - Be Prepared

David Atkin

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A classic car can be one of two things, it can be a lot of fun, or the hugest pain in the but ever, it all depends on the approach that you take to restore the car, first of all, you could be prepared for the restoration work, and know if your going to do it, or if your going to hire a shop, rather you do it, or you hire a shop being prepared for what's about to come will make the job a lot more fun, by prepared I mean that you have put money aside for the restoration work, and for the parts, if you taking the car to a shop, it's imperative that you ask them a lot of questions about the work on your car, get to know the people that own the shop, look at their past work.

See if the shop will give you references, people that have had work done in the past, make sure that you know what their shop labor rate is, and how it applied to your car, learn about the restoration process as it is applied in their shop, every shop is a bit different in the way that they approach restoration work, there are a lot of good shops out there, and a few bad one that end up giving the entire industry a bad name, and if you learn about the shop that your taking you car to, you can be 100% sure that it's a good reputable shop, that will do as they promise you they will.

I could personally name about ten of of the top of my head that are excellent restoration shops, shops that I have met the owners of, and shops that I would take my own car to if I didn't know how to do the work myself, shops that only produce the highest quality work available today, and shops that only use the most up to date tools and equipment, you know that a guy who wants his classic car restored will look at the shop first, and if he's impressed by the shop then he'll look at the work the shop has produced in the past, and then if he likes what he sees, he'll start asking the shop owner questions related to his particular car.

He'll ask the shop if they have done a car like his, and ask what they done on that car, he'll look at pictures, and talk to the owner of the car and get his opinion of the shop, the most important part of the classic car restoration is that you have fun doing it, and that you get high quality restoration work, it really helps if you can feel at home with the shop that is restoring your car, if you can stop by as you please, and you feel welcome when you do, this will really help you out through the process of getting your car restored, because the bottom line is it's your car, and you love it, and the shop that's doing the work on it should feel the same way.

Spend some time around the shop that you want to restore your car, become buddies with them, and be sure that you feel completely comfortable with every aspect of their shop, make sure that you know it inside and out, and you'll be impressed with the work that they do on your car, and you'll love the outcome, and that is what matters in the end.

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I've been in the automotive business for about 20 or 25 years, I have worked in all facets of the industry, from parts to restoration, all different makes and models, I just want to keep people interested in the old cars because it's where my heart is.


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