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Articles about or concerning RV Campgrounds, RV Vacations, RV Care, Buying an RV, RV Repair.
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Learn The RV Lingo

 Nelson Stewart (December 27, 2007)  If you're new to the whole RV lifestyle, you'll soon discover that RV resorts have a unique vocabulary. You may want to brush up on your terminology so that you don't confuse your mobile home with a motor home, or your Class A with your Class B. RV Basement: Sounds like a rec room under your RV, doesn't it? It actually means the living room in your RV is built above the chassis, .. (RV)

Motorhome Hire - Ideal for Trips of All Kinds

 Allan Elvin (December 27, 2007)  When we plan a vacation trip, convenience is the first thing taken into consideration. The mode of travel, lodging, weather conditions, etc. are some of the most important aspects accounted for during trips. We often raise the travel budget to fit in more convenient options. It is here that motorhome hire can be extremely useful. They can be regarded as ‘walking homes’ that . (RV)

Top Reasons to Opt for Motorhome Hire

 Allan Elvin (December 27, 2007)  Many of us are compulsive travelers. Be it a weekend, or a week-long break, we just need a reason to pack our bags and travel to our favourite getaways. But then, traveling comes with its own share of hassles - picking the right items for carrying along, packing them appropriately and then maintaining them well throughout the trip, so on and so forth. It is here that lies the .. (RV)

Motorhome Hire - Sightseeing From Homely Comfort

 Allan Elvin (December 27, 2007)  There will be hardly any human being who finds any other place more comfortable than his own home. Everybody wishes to spend all his time as comfortably as he passes it in his home. But this wish always does not come true as very often one needs to go out of his home and spend time outside, sometimes even for longer period. Though for the time being, one can ensure homely comfort .. (RV)

Motorhome Hire - A Must Before Any Journey

 Allan Elvin (December 27, 2007)  One of the things that has shot into prominence in modern times is the growing trend and desire of going on vacations to different places. This also has to do a lot with the increased salaries of people which has really allowed them the liberty to visit any place to spend their vacation. However, one trouble that every traveller faces is the irregular train and bus service and the .. (RV)

6 Top Tips to Freshen up a Motorhomes

 Barbara Jeffers (December 20, 2007)  So you've brought a new ‘used’ motorhome, it's in great working order but smells a little musty, what can be done to make it your own. As a first time motorhome owner, I brought a Renault Traffic Romance, that was over 20 years old, the engine was sound, the body work ropy and the inside musty, it was all I could afford. However when I sold it a few years later the buyer .. (RV)

Getting Satellite For Your RV Makes Life Easy On The Road

 Dror Klar (December 11, 2007)  One of the main reasons that people who love to travel purchase recreational vehicles is that they offer so many of the same comforts you get when your are at home. Recreational vehicles models that are available today are modernized with many of the luxuries that you are accustomed to having at home too. One of the most popular new features for rv owners is the ability to have .. (RV)

RV Rentals FAQ

 William Brister (August 26, 2007)  The demand for RVs is booming and people are increasingly renting out RVs as a major source of recreational vacation and travel. In fact, there are recreation outlets across the country that rent motorhomes, folding camping trailers and other vehicles, giving non-owners the opportunity and flexibility to enjoy the excitement and freedom of an RV vacation. What are the reasons for .. (RV)

Getting RV Finance and Insurance

 William Brister (August 26, 2007)  Owning a recreational vehicle is not as expensive or complicated as one might think. With various options for RV financing available today may allow you to buy more RV for your budget than paying cash. The most vital point that needs to be considered while financing an RV is your credit score. Despite the fact that RVs are in demand and an increasing number of people are making it .. (RV)

Top RV Accessories

 William Brister (August 26, 2007)  An RV is an exciting way to travel, live in and see different places. With the demand for RVs increasing, owning an RV has become quite popular. It has also led to the availability of different kinds of accessories, equipments and amenities that you can customize in your RV for added comfort. Depending on your requirement and budget you can equip your trailer with cheap RV appliances .. (RV)

Selecting and Buying an RV

 William Brister (August 26, 2007)  There are several types of recreational vehicles or RVs available in the market today. Each one boasts of different features, which suit some and are less attractive to others. No matter how varied they are, you have to select the recreational vehicle that best fits your needs and your budget. For any given type and size of recreational vehicles, there are wide range of prices .. (RV)

Looking to Rent an RV - 5 Things You Need to Know

 Casey Markee (August 26, 2007)  The recreational vehicle (RV) industry has experienced a record boom since the turn of the 21st Century as increased numbers of “baby boomers” have entered the “leisure time” industry. Most of these new 35-54 year old first-time RV enthusiasts can visit their local RV dealer and, in a matter of minutes, drive away with a motorhome or camper that will probably .. (RV)

RV Generator Maintenance Quick Tip

 Mark Polk (August 22, 2007)  For a gasoline generator you should start and run the generator with at least a half rated load for a minimum of two hours every month. It is extremely important that you run it with this minimum rated load. Generators are designed to run with a load placed on them. Our motor home has a 4,000 watt generator so I can either turn the roof air conditioner on in the summer time, which is .. (RV)

RV Motorhomes - Choose the Best Source Before Buying

 Sam D'costa (August 13, 2007)  Planning to buy an RV Motor home? If yes, then exercise great caution before finalizing your deal. Your RV motor home is not just another vehicle; it is your home! If you don't know exactly what to look for in an RV, then you will be at your own risk to encounter later problems. Here is a brief checklist of things to keep in mind when looking for an RV. The information presented here .. (RV)

Save Money With an RV Vacation

 Jack S. Blacksmith (July 26, 2007)  Vacations are usually something most people save up for and plan carefully. The goal is to have a memorable, fun vacation and, oftentimes, to see and do as much as you can fit in. Vacations are not a time to waste money on unnecessary service or items, but rather a time to research your trip and plan to save as much money as you can. If this sounds like your approach to vacationing, you . (RV)

Used Motorhome Checklist - Points To Save Your Money

 Sam D'costa (July 12, 2007)  Buying an used motorhome can be sometimes very hectic and isn't simple. It can become very difficult when you are planning to live in the motorhome for any amount of time. For this reason, it is always essential to have some important checklists to go over to see any problems you might be facing after buying a used RV Motorhome. Sellers usually don't tell you the problems they know of, . (RV)

RV Foreclosures - Not Immune From the Crunch

 David Faulkner (June 20, 2007)  The RV has long been a common sight on US highways during the summertime, as families head out to enjoy their vacation adventures while bringing all the comforts of home along. But RVs have now become year-long residences for many retired Baby Boomers, who are spending their days seeing all the parts of America that they missed during their family-raising years. The recreational .. (RV)

Motorhomes Drive Holiday Dreams Of Many Americans!

 Sam Ness (June 18, 2007)  Motorhomes used in America, come in all shapes and sizes, from small to huge but most in-between. Many motorhomes are household names, and tens of thousands of these vehicles are manufactured each year. Some high end motorhome dealers may only make a handful each year, but the starting price for these luxury motorhomes is around half-million dollars. Before making the commitment to buy . (RV)

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