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Recreational Vehicles (RV) - The Basics For Enjoying a Camp


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The people in the U. S. are increasingly choosing recreation vehicles for their field and camping trips. If you are contemplating getting one for yourself, just to spend some quality time in the fresh outdoors of the various camping parks and lakesides in the country. Or you are just fed up of the madding crowd and have decided to hit the road for years in your mobile home, very much like a nomad.

Whatever you want to do, it is important to get the best RV that suits the kind of traveling you intend to undertake. You will only be able to make the right choice if you have good enough knowledge of the requirements of a good RV.

RVs or recreation vehicles are divided into classes, and there are three types of RVs, viz A, B and C class vehicles. Each type is suited to a different use and each will naturally have its own pricing structure as well.

Let us begin with the class “A" RV. These are equated with the “royalty" of the RV camping world. This class of Recreation Vehicles offer a lot of storage space and comfort. Not every one can service these vehicles and so utmost care must be taken of them.

Lt class A RV looks much like a box and can have the cab as the extension of the living section. This class of recreation vehicles is at the upper end of the quality chain, and are luxury models that offer the utmost in comfort. There are disadvantages as well to this category of vehicles, and that is they are very difficult to navigate through traffic and many RV camping grounds do not have the kind of roads that a class “A" vehicle requires. In such an instance, the driver will have to be very skill full in order to drive the RV to such a spot.

The class “B" RVs are usually simple vans skillfully converted into an RV. These are the smallest of all recreation vehicles and also the most affordable of the lot. Though space is a scarce commodity with this class of RV these are far more economical to maintain and easier to drive. This economic factor and easy maneuverability makes this class of RVs very popular.

The middle group of RVs is occupied by the class “C", range of vehicles. These class of recreation vehicles are constructed out of truck or van chassis. It is easy to spot a class “C" RV by the protruding sleeper over the cab. This class of RV will be an ideal choice if you want a little more room as compared to the class “B" RV and definitely do not want a class “A" RV. This class of RV is actually a compromise between the wants and the “do-not-wants" of the other two class of recreational vehicles.

So, do a bit of research on the net to understand the difference between the different classes of RVs. The facilities the different RVs offer and the cost of maintenance. Once you have all these factors understood, you will be able to make a well informed decision.

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