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What Everyone Should Know About RV Window Blinds


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Just like window blinds for your house, RV window blinds are coverings made to fit RV windows to provide shade and privacy. These blinds are available in a variety of styles and colors, so it is not hard to find window shades that are not only the right size for your RV, but also match seamlessly into your decorating design.


- Windshield privacy wraps. Similar to pleated, pull-down RV window blinds, windshield wraps are created from fabric material and are available in many colors. These window blinds are installed on rails along the inside of the windshield so they slide open and closed for easy use.

- Pull-down, pleated blinds. These shades are generally made of a strong, stain-resistant fabric and can be found in day/night options. Day/night window blinds feature a sheer layer that can provide relief from the sun and privacy without stopping all natural light for day time use and an opaque layer for complete privacy at night. Pull-down blinds are available in several colors and open and close easily.

- Aluminum RV window blinds. Aluminum mini blinds are also available in a host of colors and most brands include a simple device for opening and closing the slats, as well as raising and lowering the whole shade. These blinds can be found in a range of sizes and can usually be cut to your specifications.


There are a number of reasons RV owners choose to add window blinds to their travel trailer or motor home. RV window blinds are quite similar to the blinds and shades covering windows in our homes. A primary purpose of their use is to add style and personality to your home away from home. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from, so it is easy to give your RV a personal touch.

Window blinds are also the most convenient way to achieve a sense of privacy inside your RV. RV camping is lots of fun, but most RV parks don't provide a great amount of seclusion. While spending time with your camping friends is fun, there are times you need your to be alone. Window blinds can be lowered and closed so that nobody can peep inside your RV.

These window coverings are the greatest way to shield your RV's interior from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. RV window blinds can block direct sunlight so your furniture are protected from fading. They can also control the temperature inside your RV.


Like home window blinds, those designed for RVs can be difficult to keep clean. Pleated shades can easily be wiped clean with a damp sponge. While this type of blind is usually made of a stain resistant material, it is also much more prone to splatters and spills and may require more attention than slatted blinds. Aluminum, slatted RV shades do require a more comprehensive cleaning process because each slat must be cleaned one by one. It can also be hard to find RV window blinds for unconventional sized windows, often requiring a custom cutting.

Window blinds are a great addition whether you're looking for some privacy or hoping to cool the inside of your motor home on a hot summer afternoon. A variety of styles, colors and sizes are generally available from outdoor outfitters and camping suppliers. RV window blinds are also available on the internet. These useful and attractive window coverings can be found for as little as $30, while some cost more than $100. Professional installations will more expensive.

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Blinds Window Coverings - A Closer Look
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